Van Persie thinks Holland will need some luck at the Euros

Arsenal’s striker Robin Van Persie seems to be set to continue his incredible season form in the summer at the EURO 2012, where his team will face Denmark, Germany and Portugal in the toughest group of the tournament.

Robin has been named the best player in the premiership this season, while some of his national team colleagues like Robben, Huntelaar, De Jong or Van der Vaart have also had incredible seasons, so our Gunner may be part of an amazing team this summer.

“It will be quite tricky because we have a really tough group – the first game against Denmark, then Germany and Portugal.

“We have to look at it game by game, just give it our all and see what happens.

“You need a bit of luck during the tournament, hopefully we can get that.

“Even after the group stage, we will have a really tough task, because we could meet Italy in the second round, then Spain in the semi-finals if we both win our games.

“So if we win it, then for sure we will really deserve it.”

Everybody hopes for Robin to stay at the club and it is believed that he will decide this before leaving for Poland and Ukraine, but no news has appeared so far. What do you think Robin will choose to do?

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One thought on “Van Persie thinks Holland will need some luck at the Euros

  1. I think van Persie`s meeting with Wenger was more about listening than demanding. He now has Arsenal`s intentions clear in his mind and will make up his mind probably by the end of June. Meanwhile Wenger needs to concentrate on other positions in midfield and defence. He is already partly covered with Podolski should RVP decide to leave so he`s in a better bargining position than he was last year at this time. He`s learned to cover his arse.

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