Van Persie to Man City – Not a hope!

Today’s most idiotic Arsenal transfer rumour speaks about a possible switch from Arsenal to Manchester City for captain Robin Van Persie during this summer.

Not that a move like this wouldn’t be possible, especially after what happened with Adebayor, Toure, Nasri and Clichy, but did they ever come with some proof of what they’re saying? Today’s Mirror Football claims that Manchester City will manage to secure the services of Arsenal’s captain, offering Arsenal a £25 million transfer fee.

Now, Arsene Wenger’s bid for Gervinho from last summer was worth £10 million, so why on earth would he ever accept to let his most prized player Robin Van Persie go for that price, especially after the incredible season he had with the Gunners.

Sure, the Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has stated that he’s a fan of Robin Van Persie, but there was not much else said about it, in fact he said he couldn’t comment as the Dutchman is still under contract to Arsenal.

There’s probably no Arsenal fan who could blame Robin if he chooses to leave for a better club like Barcelona after all that he’s done for Arsenal, and after being the main man in so many occasions, but if the striker chooses to go to Manchester City, there will certainly be some who will hate him for making this decision. I think I can guarantee he WILL NOT be joining another English club.

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3 thoughts on “Van Persie to Man City – Not a hope!

  1. I think if he leave the club his choose is out side england because he love Arsenal .

  2. I, as an Arsenal fan will blame him if he leaves Arsenal. Why? All these years he has been with us, it is only this season we can say he played without injury. Many occasions he went to play for his country only to come back with injury. We supported him through out. If he goes, I will treat him the way I treated Fabregas. Removing all his pictures from my photo album. But my mind is telling that RVP will stay.

  3. mancini is nothing without money from the arabs. all he can do is to use the tons of money to buy buy buy player after player. Yet his team still nearly lost out to man utd who has old old players. Well, nasri boasts about the title but everyone knows it’s the MONEY he is after.

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