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Walcott – It’s not nice being booed by Arsenal fans

Posted on March 25, 2012 by admin

Theo Walcott has had his ups and downs this season, but the talented winger hit a new low in the first half of Arsenal’s game against Tottenham last month, when he was continually barracked by the Arsenal fans when they went 2-0 down early in the match.

He admitted that he couldn’t wait for the half-time whistle, despite the Gunners recovering to 2-2 before the break, but he was galvanised into action in the second half and scored twice as Arsenal went on to win the game 5-2.

Walcott said: “In the first half of that game it wasn’t quite happening for me, but I was still trying – perhaps too hard, really – and I wasn’t hiding, Although we came back to 2-2, part of me wanted the first half to end because of how things had been going for me.”

“You can tell when people aren’t happy, and it’s not nice. But getting those goals was great for me and for the fans – and hopefully I can show a bit more of that than I have lately.”

“I’ve only just turned 23 and people sometimes forget that – players often aren’t breaking into the team until around this age, and I’ve played a lot of games. There’s a lot more to come from me.”

that win over Spurs seemed to be the turning point for Walcott as well as Arsenal, and the England international has played in starring role in Arsenal’s seven-game winning run. There certainly haven’t been many boos heard at the Emirates lately!

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8 to “Walcott – It’s not nice being booed by Arsenal fans”

  1. Steve of Chiang Mai says:

    When I saw a replay of Theo’s goal my first thought was if RvP or Thierry had scored it they would be lauded beyond belief. I guarantee there are still the same clowns who will bash Theo this week as well when he has put in 2 world class performances in the last 3 matches.

  2. Lokelesia says:

    Fans sometimes have high expectations on a player and failure of a player to show up well in just 1 match could have low reception on the next match. So a player should just focus on his job on the pitch than felling fans pressure

  3. GunZ BlaziN says:

    Hes a brilliant player and very dangerous, if a player like messi praises walcott then who are we to say theo is crap.

    My thoughts are theo has the tools to destroy teams, he is still maturing and his consistancy will come age and experience, keep it up theo.

  4. Stuart says:

    Theo, you’ve made a mistake. These are not Arsenal fans, you only boo the enemy!!

  5. Sodiq adisa says:

    Dont worry fans still like u.

  6. Ade David says:

    It is a bad habbit booing your own player/team when the game is still on. Emirate fans are found of that. Football match is a game of 90 minutes. It is not over until it is over. 5 minutes is a long time in football. If you dont understand what am saying, go and ask Leverpool. May be they can explain better. Last week they were leading Norwich 2 : 0 until the tail end of the match. They went home as a looser.3:2. When things are not going on well, thats the time they need us most. That is why we are called supporters. Please get behind the team/player all the time. Up Arsenaaal.

  7. Levion says:

    I think the booing of Walcott had been a good wake-up call for him. It was like a motivational factor for him and this should teach him that hardy Arsenal fans expect performers not passengers in the field of football play, period.

  8. Waziri says:

    Arsenal fans ar sometime impatient and rightly so. Their selective amnesia has blurred their vision from seeing how Theo terrorized Barca last season. Theo is my man anyday.

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