Walcott rues all those years with Van Persie on the treatment table

The Arsenal winger Theo Walcott has struck up a fantastic partnership with Robin Van Persie this season, but after six years at the club, the England international is regretting that the strike partnership spent so many years together in the Arsenal medical centre.

Walcott was speaking about how they were more likely to be together on the treatment table than on the pitch!

He said: “We have had a lot of years on the treatment beds! He has always been there and I have always been there, so this is maybe the second year that we have had a run together in the team.

“Everything is going his way and that is great to see. The most important thing is that Robin is injury free. It is great to see him when he is not injured.

“When I was on the treatment bed alongside his, it was such a shame to see so much talent wasted. He has made up for lost time. He has to be Player of the Year for me.

“Hopefully, in the future, I would like to play up front with him, but if I am setting up goals then that is the most important thing.

“He is tucking them away and the team is winning so I can only ask for one thing.”

“It means so much just to be on the pitch with him. When he says those words of praise when I’m right next to him, it makes me so happy.

“If he’s enjoying what I am doing then that is the main thing. If the staff and the coaches are happy, that’s all I want.”

Lets hope that Walcott hasn’t tempted fate by talking about this now. Long may they both be injury free (and both repay Arsene Wenger’s faith by signing new contracts this summer!)

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5 thoughts on “Walcott rues all those years with Van Persie on the treatment table

    1. Your particulars suggest that you are a Zimbabwean, are you based in Zimbabwe or in the diaspora. If domiciled in Zim we may think of ways to create a platform that brings together arsenal supporters together, what do you think?

  1. pls rvp dnt leave arsenal it is like havin fun to be watchin u scoring a fantastic goals wit arsenal jersey.

  2. Guys you have to look at Theo the same way you would your WIFE!!!!!! Sum times she can really piss you off because she gets the simplest things wrong and you just think how the Fck did u mess that up??? And you think that’s it!!!! I’m trading you in for a new model luv sorry it’s over lol!!!!! But when u look back at the last few years it hasn’t been all that bad and the pro’s defo outway all the cons, sometimes you don’t realises a good thing when you have it and when Theo is on form there’s not many players that can match his abilities and most of all he is 1 of the players that loves arsenal just like ur misses always loves you lol Theo is always the last 1 down the tunnel after the match bcos he’s out there applauding US!!! So in closing I would just like to say THEO THEO THEO THEO!!!!!! QUALITY MY SON

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