Wenger admits full responsibility for Arsenal transfers

Arsenal manager Arsenal Wenger has made two things very clear regarding transfers in his latest press conference by stating that not only could he never work under a Director of Football, but also that he does admit to have problems in the transfer market, which is why we often see the club struggle when it comes to deals.

Wenger said: “A director of football buys the players. When they don’t work, you (the manager) are guilty for them not playing well. If it works, the director of football has bought well. I have people around me who help, but the final decision has to be down to the manager. I have a good experience of the game. I have played over 900 games here, but I don’t deny that the transfer market is a problem for me. It conflicts with the competition when that competition has already started.”

Wenger makes it clear that he is experienced and by having watched the game develop so much over the years, he recognises the talent easily. However one thing he fails to recognise is the modernisation of the game and the fact that valuation of players has gone up much more than he wants.

For so many years, when Wenger and the club was in its prime, Le Prof was able to pick up world class players for £10-15m or so and develop them even further. Bearing in mind that was almost 10 years ago, the game has changed dramatically, especially the financial side and so the issue is now, that Wenger hasn’t changed his mentality. He still believes you can pick up quality players for £15m or so, when it reality they cost at least £25 to £30m.

Wenger still has a knack of developing the problems but I suggest that the reason behind, Arsenal’s failings in the transfer market is because Wenger chooses to do it all himself. Combine this with training and focusing on the next game, he has little time. For example today, on a match day, no negotiations will probably take place, whilst at another club there could be someone on the phone all day.

Tottenham have brought in a Director of Football this summer, to help with the transfer business and look where they have gone. They have bought a quantity of alleged stars, but they still couldn’t beat us!

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