Wenger – Boo my decisions but don’t question my love for Arsenal

Arsenal fans made it quite clear last week that they were unhappy with Arsene Wenger’s decision to take of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and the Frenchman accepts the right of paying customers to let their feelings be known.

But he doesn’t understand how any confirmed Arsenal supporter could question his “committment and dedication” to the team he loves. Last weeks crowd at the Emirates let their frustration spill out, but Wenger thinks today’s performance helped calm the situation.

Wenger said: “I felt they were quite positive compared to last time. Maybe because we’re just coming out of a bad period.

“I’m sad we can’t always keep them happy. The only thing we can do is to show the spirit we showed today.

“I must tell you I just want to do well for this club that I love.

“I understand that people question my decisions. I wouldn’t understand they question my commitment and dedication to this club. I understand they’re unhappy sometimes with the decisions I make.”

Arsenal fans will certainly be relieved that the team are still in a competition that we have a realistic chance of winning, but it will take a few better performances than this one to prove that Arsenal really are capable of turning this season around.

I don’t question Wenger’s love for the club, but I’m still not sure that he can win anything with this group of players, no matter how much he believes in them…..

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6 thoughts on “Wenger – Boo my decisions but don’t question my love for Arsenal

  1. Lets get behind the team and the manager till the end of this season.Then we will have to assess whether we want the manager or not.

  2. Its so frustrating, we all know he loves the club that’s not the issue we have. The issue is he needs to look in the mirror and realise he has made big mistakes in the past by letting world class players I.E Fabregas,Nasri go and not replaycing them! You cant do that.

    And the other thing is i look at the calibre of player in our team at the moment, its below average at times. Djourou, Mertesacker-10 million. Cahill goes to Chelsea for 6. Where is the logic behind this??

    If he doesnt buy another full back,another good midfielder and a world class striker, we can all say goodbye to the Champions league- and your dillisioned if you beleive we will.

    1. Who made Fabegras or Nasiri a world class player? He turned the winger called RVP into an astonishing striker? They wanted to leave so you want him to keep them and be a bully? Enough of all this! Arsene created this players and he is here to create more. The truth is players will keep leaving Arsenal. Go back, look at the history of the club then you won’t fight nature. It is natural that players leave, it has been the tradition and nothing can change this, not even a fat wage.

  3. I have no doubt that Arsene Wenger is dedicated to Arsenal but he must start to consider the fans who pay the money, they need their pride restored. Money is not a dirty word but it appears he thinks it is and needs to be locked away like a criminal. Some of the fans are impressed by our bank balance and so they should be, it`s security. Most of us want a bit of both and a couple of really big signings will gain him a lot of friends, including me. Come the summer!

    1. There is no money in the UK. We are in cuts. We don’t have a sugar daddy like the Man City and Chelsea to oil our head. We run a self-substaining business meaning we cut our coat according to our size. Despite all the money injected in Man City how come they are not in the Champions League, Carling Cup or FA Cup? You should know what you are asking for. We need to be grateful we are here even if we have no oil sugar daddy to spoil us with some unrealistic signing.

      I support Arsenal because we make good use of money. I will not complain. I have been serve a dish and all I do is to make the best of it, if I don’t like the meal then I spend more and look for a more expensive restuarant. Note, I am not complaining about the meal, I am enjoying it so please leave me to eat in peace. You can join Man City and start winning thropies. Can you remember the last time apart from the FA CUP the won one? You are still searching for the answer!!

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