Wenger – Four points against Marseille are vital

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger spoke at the press conference about the importance of the Champions League group stage double against French side Olympique Marseille. The Frenchman admitted that Marseille is a tough opponent and that Arsenal could have problems going through the group stage if they don’t manage to pull at least 4 points out of this double.

“The two games against Marseille will decide our qualification,” the Frenchman said. “If we take four points then we will qualify.”

“They have a similar run to us – a disappointing start in the championship and they have done well in the Champions League. It is exactly the same.

“They are a team who has potential. It is their football place in France because it is a part of a culture in the city – the culture of the city turns around Marseille. It is a massive, massive football place in France, the biggest.”

“They have potential,” he said. “They have a good midfield and have players like Lucho Gonzalez, Benoit Cheyrou, Stephane Mbia. You look at the names and they have a good team.

“It was a complete surprise to me that they beat Dortmund [so comfortably] because I was impressed by them.

“Marseille can be dangerous because they are good on the counter-attack. I think at home they will try to play like that against us.”

After the match Arsenal won against Sunderland 2-1 on Sunday, Arsene Wenger added:

“Marseille is a good team but they are under pressure a little bit like we are in the league because they didn’t start as strong as they would have expected. That puts more pressure on you. They have done well in the Champions League, certainly, because it is a competition where there is a bit less expectation and they are less under pressure. They are a quality team.”

Arsenal is showing signs of recovery after the game against Sunderland. Despite the win secured by The Gunners, they suffered a lot in the Premier League game. Arsenal had a stronger defence compared to the last games, but the offensive side of the team lacked creativity against a very secure Sunderland defence.

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