Wenger Should Read And Take Notes!

Former Arsenal star Robin Van Persie is delighted for being able to come back from missing a penalty, and scoring another two goals in the last game he played for Manchester United.

The Dutchman managed to score two times the amount of goals his former club Arsenal have so far in the season, certifying that the Gunners have managed to lose an incredible player when they lost him to their biggest rivals. He then declared the fact that he wouldn’t have been able to do that a couple of seasons ago when he was still at Arsenal.

‘A career won’t be always a bed of roses. You have disappointments,’ he said.

‘Look at my missed penalty kick against Southampton last Sunday. That is what you call a disappointment.

‘Taking a penalty kick in that way when you are 2-1 behind. That’s just bad.’

‘I couldn’t explain it, not even to myself. And what you do next? Do you stay disappointed? Or are you going to hunt, and get over it?

‘In the game I put it behind me, thankfully. Many people can get swept up after something like that. It’s happened to me (before) and it’s all over then.

‘Someone who is 18 years old wouldn’t score two times after it. I wouldn’t have done a couple of years ago. You have to be lucky, but you also have to force it. ‘

If you are to ask me, this statement is one Wenger should really have a close look at. Buying kids and turning them into amazing players is extraordinary for any club, especially one which wants to be financially safe. The problem comes when those players, now turned into spectacular world-class athletes, are allowed to leave the club and join other richer clubs (like City or Barcelona) and help them win trophies.

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4 thoughts on “Wenger Should Read And Take Notes!

  1. Are you not fed up yet about talking about RVP?. He is history . Get over it. How many times we have to tell you people that he wanted bloody £ 225000 pw and Arsenal aren’t in that league to pay this sort of wages. Once player decides to leave there is nothing a manager could do. Get used to it, because Theo might leave as well. It’s not Wenger’s fault alone. It’s club’s collective failure to keep players on long term contract. NO more RVP please. Thanks.

    1. Well said Sam.
      How many players left Arsenal to become super stars in their next club? Precious few! Even in RVP’s case, the jury will be out for a long time; The guy signed a 4-year contract for $225kpw to perform at the level he did for Arsenal for the next 4years. And we are to assume that Arsenal will be flat in the goal scoring department over the four years.

  2. We all know we are a selling club at the moment with a feeder club mentality caused by inflated wages provided outside the realms of good business sense.

    Why keep on rubbing it in?

    It is sh*t and I am sure wenger is fully aware of the problem, as if he needs to take notes from a turncoat!

    What Wenger is doing is his best to build a squad who are good enough to win the league and who are absolutely committed to The Arsenal!

    I dont envy that man, the sooner the mortgage is paid off, financial fair play is in full force and we can create an indispensable player wage tier that is competitive with the biggest clubs in Europe, things are not going to be so easy.

    Greed is a sad part of football, agents are the scumbag greed breeders who are (In a round about way) trying their best to bring down football clubs as they take a big slice of the money the clubs needed to stay afloat.


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