Wenger shows that Arsenal have little interest in FA Cup..

Many Arsenal fans would like Arsene Wenger to go all out to win this season’s FA Cup, as they would really like to win one trophy (Please! Pretty please!) in the very near future, and the Cup would be the one we have most chance of winning.

But Wenger clearly thinks that it is more of a hindrance than a target, and would prefer the later stages (like this weeks game) to be relegated to a midweek game so as not to interfere with the title race.

When asked about his opinion he said this: “The only thing that I might change is the priority it has over Premier League fixtures,”

“At the moment we postpone games in the Premier League later on in the season when they clash with the FA Cup. That can lead to unfairness in the league season.

“What I would think about is not moving Premier League games to make time for the FA Cup.

“What I would do instead is move the cup game to midweek rather than the league game. I believe that sort of thing would be an interesting change.”

You can see his point this particular season, as Chelsea will today get a chance to move seven points clear of their rivals if they beat Tottenham, while both Arsenal and City are playing Cup games, but surely this is not the case every year. In fact Chelsea have won more FA Cups in the last decade than anyone else…

Wenger was then asked if he thought the race for a Top Four position had devalued the FA Cup in reality. “Maybe it has taken something away,” he said. “But I believe the Cup is still something special. I don’t think it needs to conflict with the Premier League – you can finish in the top four in the league and win the FA Cup.

“It can conflict with the Champions League programme sometimes, that’s true, but overall it’s still something special in my mind.”

Maybe it is “in his mind” but I bet that he will play a weakened team so as to prepare for the midweek game in Munich……

Read more at http://www.espn.co.uk/football/sport/story/289213.html#kuiF1MAYpD69QHgD.99

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2 thoughts on “Wenger shows that Arsenal have little interest in FA Cup..

  1. Wouldnt be a problem if we didnt always head into a season with a paper thin squad!
    We’ve got the money to increase squad depth yet we do nothing. So Wenger will always find chasing multiple trophys a challenge.

  2. There’s nothing in the quotes by Wenger to justify the assertion of this post that “Wenger shows that Arsenal have little interest in FA Cup”. All you can say is that he seems to prioritise it behind the Premiership and the Champions League. That’s hardly the same as having “little interest” in it. If that were the case, Arsenal would not be in the quarter-finals.

    Absurd headline.

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