Wenger – The media are now taking Arsenal seriously!

With Arsenal at the top of the table and looking to stay there in their current form, Arsene Wenger has responded to the TV Pundits by saying that they are at last looking at the Gunners as serious title contenders.

He said yesterday: “When I arrived here people explained I couldn’t win the title as I am foreign. Everybody has their own logic. I just think you win the title through your quality.

“If we didn’t win for eight years it is because we weren’t good enough in the important moments of the season. We have a good opportunity to show we are good enough [now] so let’s take it.

“The only thing that is changing is not our minds, it’s your mind, because until now you never ask me about the pressure because you always thought it was an accident that we are top and it won’t last.

“Now that it’s lasting a bit longer, you start to think: ‘we have to consider them a bit more seriously’. You start to think is it a pressure for us? No. We just continue to play well and that’s the pressure we have – the desire to play well.”

All Arsenal can do is carry on what they are doing and carry on winning. The media may then finally wake up and smell the coffee!

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