Wenger to sign new Arsenal contract soon?

After joining Arsenal in 1996, Arsene Wenger has now spent 16 years at the club, in which he has arguably become one of Arsenal’s greatest managers, especially as he is one of the most successful! However the Frenchman has now gone eight consecutive years without silverware and some have suggested perhaps his time with the club should be brought to an end, if not before now. But it seems like Wenger is set to remain with Arsenal for a few more years at least.

Unfavourable figure Ivan Gazids stated; “We think we have got a fantastic manager, We hope that he wants to do what he is doing for the long term. I believe he does. I think he is still ambitious, still driven and sees the potential of the club as he looks forward and I think he is very excited by that. We have a great relationship and he has a great relationship with the board as well. So, quietly and at the right time, I think we will make an announcement on that when things are all put in place.

“This is going to happen very quietly behind closed doors, privately and then there will be an announcement. I don’t even want to say (if we have discussed a new deal). We have got a lot of confidence in Arsene that he is the right person to take the club forward and I think he will want to do that.”

As the quotes show, the club and it’s officials are clearly still behind Wenger, whether this be because of his business like mind or in fact because he still has some desire to win! I personally believe Wenger won’t leave until he manages to bring more silverware to the Emirates. He may not even leave after then but it’s certain he wants to return glory to North London with the Gunners after turning down several reported offers from Real Madrid and PSG over the years, as well as the French national team.

I don’t think Wenger should leave at this moment in time. Although I agree he seems to have lost some of his winning mentality, due to the extraordinary business like structure that plagues our club, but I also think he’s the best manager to take us forward at this time. With Pep Guardolia and Roberto Martinez no longer options and staying realistic, the only manager I can see eclipsing our Le Prof is Jurgen Klopp the Borussia Dortmund manager and I can’t see him joining any time soon, so I think the best bet is to keep Wenger in the frame. I’m sure inside he is as desperate as the fans are to return glory to Arsenal. Do you agree?

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4 thoughts on “Wenger to sign new Arsenal contract soon?

  1. Wenger is smart to remain in Arsenal as no club will tolerate eight years without a trouphy.I don’t see Wenger winning anything again as a coach. He has lost the competiveness. He has lost his nerves and grown old.

  2. In Wenger’s defense, he’s been in a difficult financial position because they have to pay for the new stadium. In this time look how much Man U, Man City and Chelsea have been spending. Besides, who will replace him? No one exactly leaps to the mind.

    And I don’t think comments from owners or managers or players mean much. They usually all say “yeah we’re happy to stay” and all that stuff, but then leave the next day, as we Gooners should know…

  3. Arsenal should be up there with Barcelona / Bayern / Real / United, instead Wenger is taking them to Malaga, Sevilla, Cologne, Villa.

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