Wenger – Why Arsenal couldn’t win the League!

Arsene Wenger has finally decided to tell Arsenal fans why we couldn’t win the Premier League this season and it’s all down to our opponents who defended too well when they came to the Emirates!

Last season the Gunners averaged 2.16 goals per home game, but this campaign it dropped to a measly 1.5, but it’s not because our strikers are useless. “Our home form has not been exceptional,” Wenger said. “Our away form has been good.

“We did not score enough goals at home, especially against Crystal Palace with the amount of possession we had.

“We always look dangerous, dominating, but we are not efficient enough. Overall, we also gave a few leads away. That is quite disappointing.

“Some teams come now to the Emirates and play very, very deep and are quick on the break as well. Bolasie, Zaha [for Crystal Palace] can take the ball in their final third and go to your box. The physical power and potential of the teams has improved in the Premier League and it makes it more difficult.

“It’s linked a bit with the way our opponents play. They wait for you in the final third with 10 men.

“The teams last longer now. They do not die in the final 20 anymore. It’s the fitness and individual physical potential of the players.”

So there you have it, it’s those pesky defenders stopping Giroud from putting the ball in the net. It’s nothing to do with him aiming straight for the keepers arms is it?

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2 thoughts on “Wenger – Why Arsenal couldn’t win the League!

  1. Oh come of it Wenger and stop giving lame excuses. For starters if you ‘knew’ what the teams were up each time they come to the Emirates, why not make a ‘counter’? The thing is most teams have found you out now. Your ideas though great initially , can no longer win anything in this rather modern era. You have repeatedly failed to crack it at the later stages of the European League due to your ineptitude. Zidane and Diego did make simple and effective plans to stop Barca, something that you have failed over the years. I thinks it is time for you Wenger to take a breather and pass the baton to someone with a fresh impetus….

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