Which striker should Arsenal get to replace Van Persie?

The contract talks with Arsenal’s captain Robin Van Persie are not going too well, and it seems that the Dutch striker might leave Arsenal this summer after he snubbed the first set of negotiations held between himself and the club.

Arsene Wenger has stated that he wants Robin to extend his contract before going away to join the Dutch team for the pre-EURO 2012 camp, and that ship is about to sail if the striker won’t accept a deal soon.

Russian club Anzhi have also expressed their interest to sign the Dutchman for a huge salary, while Juventus, City and Barcelona are also on his tracks.

Arsene Wenger needs to act fast, and signing Podolski won’t help him too much if Robin leaves, as he will still need a target man.

Montpellier’s Olivier Giroud seems to be the most likely transfer target for Wenger, but the Frenchman also has other options. Schalke’s Klaas Jan Huntelaar might also be a viable option given the fact that the Dutchman is running out of contract, while others like Burak Yilmaz or Leandro Damiao are also reportedly scouted by the Gunners in their attempt to enhance the squad.

Which of these do you think is good enough to take Van Persie’s place at Arsenal?

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43 thoughts on “Which striker should Arsenal get to replace Van Persie?

  1. Wenger and Ivan (CEO)are to blame for the downfall of arsenal.the worst manger that I have ever seen in history of football.peter hillwood is just there filling his pocket!these three people should get out of arsenal fc.i pray that God will give us a leader and not these greedy n selfish rulers who only think of there pocket.they don’t care about the future of our beloved club.im sure they won’t keep Robin,cos of his wages.they have turned arsenal to a selling club.i pray that they will be visited by fire.

    1. I am no fan of Hill Wood either. He too often opens his mouth to our embarrassment. But before ranting about how he “fills his pockets” why not look up the (audited) Company Report & Accounts ? He no longer owns any shares. (The two main holders are of course Kroenke and Usmanov). As Chairman he is paid £67,000 p.a. (including £2000 of benefits) which is not unreasonable for that position. In 2011 the 7 Directors were paid a TOTAL of £2.4M … DOWN from £3.0M the year before. Kroenke was paid £25,000 but of course is very part time and does not need income.

      The Directors have nice perks like the executive car park, a top meal and the best view in the house. But to say they economise on player transfers and wages so they themselves can benefit financially is utterly incorrect.

    2. Bear in mind this. History speaks loudest, the fact is Arsene Wenger WAS a winner of titles BUT now he is NOT a winner. Since Adams and Co. retired, there is no defense…and for that to last for 7-8 years is mind-boggling. Last summer’s transfer dealing exposed the worst of wenger – and rightly Arsene was butchered by Man Utd. So, 3rd placing is fantastic for wenger.. but for a club of tradition like arsenal? Truth is, a champion-manager will not tolerate 2 years without winning any trophy or title, not in today’s football. But this is ok with Arsenal. After all, we have a sustaining business model! Cut the crap please! What a silly excuse to hoodwink the fans to hide the failures on the field. Please start a supermarket then instead of managing football; after all how many EPL clubs really got bankrupt in the past 10 years? Sustaining business models should not mean selling all your TOP PLAYERS, and worse still, keeping lousy players like denilson, diaby, almunia, buying squillaci! Penny wise but pound foolish! New stadium does not mean titles, in fact, there’s none of those.

    3. You are right George mike they are greedy and selfish and they want to keep this forward. And they are making business but football is an entertainment… football is a matter of wining something in the right way(unlike Chelsae)football provides something to the fan, we AFC fans are not fluky and all the supporter of AW and the greedy board are also responsible for th falling of our lovely club…… Fans around London please do something to stop the the actions of the greedy manager and board

    4. this is wrong if arsenal lose arsen wenger the club will start to go downhill. You can’t blame the manager for the amount of money he is allowed to spend on players you can only blame the owners.

  2. Hi,
    I think Fernado Torres, from Chelsea would make a fine addition to the squad, if Van the Man stays or goes. He fits the Arsenal playing style, Fast & Furious…!!!

    He is battle tested, knows the league, plays wonderful football, and most of all, “he has a lot to fight for”, from ” El Cid” the movie, starring Charlston Heston, A Great Movie…!!!


  3. What we need from arsel winger is he should sign a beter player that we boost arsenal,becouse we need a tropie this coming season.

    1. Arsenal must buy Lewandowsky and OLivier Giroud; because Olivier can be good in aerial balls, while Lewa can attack and good in Short pieces.

    2. Exactly right as Chamakh has been patiently waiting for
      ;lost his mind; Wenger to play him regularly instead of
      keeping him on the bench ,otherwisw why did Wenger buy
      Chamakh in the first instance anyway ?

  4. It is a shame and a shambles once again. Every summer Arsenal gets cherry picked of our best stars by clubs with more ambition while we stand by and allow it to happen as long as we stay in the black and make champion league. Champs lge is not important to us because we want to win it only for financial reasons. In short why buy another striker only for them to shine and move on after we win nothing AGAIN.we might as well bring back Bendtner because he the sort of striker to match our ambitions.

  5. HUNTELAAR, he is the only person who can score and create goals like RVP that won’t cost 30 million.

  6. podolski will do the same job. van persie leaving won’t have the same impact as cesc. our system won’t suffer much, even park chu young and afobe can take over as lone strikers believe me. what we really need is a proper number 10, the top one could be neymar and the cheaper version could be belhanda.
    gervinho second season will be better hopefully,walcott and ramsey should be removed from the starting line up if they don’t improve

    1. Walcott and Ramsey won,t e improving anytime yet as they
      ,re both incapable of it but another Dutchman,Klaas-Jan
      Huntelaar is the one to go for,having played in Germany
      his communication with Podolski should be just right ?

  7. As far as a striker goes, it will be the right time to sign a younger talent. It has been wenger’s way to have an experienced striker and a young prodigy. Our previous young prodigy is getting older now and in the prime of his career and it would of course be best if we could keep him. However if this is not possible I think the best alternative will in fact be to sign Leandro Damiao would be a great long term investment in the hope that one day well be singing ‘he scores when he wants!’ to him in a few years time!

  8. lone striker role is not that hard if we have effective wingers and strong midfield. van persie can bog off if he thinks is bigger than arsenal fc. joel campbell plays that role well with his national team and carlos vela has improved. we have so many options up front

      1. chill out dude i am not arsene wenger.
        he’s the one who decides who we will buy. like i said before, lone striker is hard like playmaker. yes i dare to say even carlos vela can do the job.

  9. I believe that Poldolski was bought as a direct replacement for RVP in that case we will start the season with just one striker and make him play 60 plus games and hope he does not get injured any top 4 club has at least 4 strikers had RVP been injured last season we would have been mid table thats the sort of gamble this club is taking with its profit before silverware policy

    1. no wonder he refused to play other strikers. captain armband at arsenal is a for sale sign.

  10. may i correct you in saying that according to the press the contract talks aren’t going well in reality we do not know and we shouldn’t speculate what isn’t true or you have no clue if it is.
    I am also really starting to get fed up with the so called fans saying it is all arsene wengers fault that we are in this mess but in reality if it wasn’t for him we would still be in the stone age, he works on a tight budget given to him by the board and he doesn’t spend what he has got on players who are not worth the value their current club has slapped on them for example eden hazard his £35 million price tag is way over what he should cost. If i may also remind you that we bid £25 million for 2 players last summer, gotze and hazard.
    can someone please tell me whether we would have the high ranking global status that we have now if we didn’t have Wenger as our manager. Get your facts right before you make assumptions

    1. forget transfer dealings, we all know its not his faults. but bad team selections that cost us this season is down to wenger’s carelessness.
      why did arshavin stay in the team for too long? why did walcott and ramsey play all season?
      even after 8-2 defeat against man utd we still had faith that this team can go and win things. we finished above tottenham who were among contenders that tells you that arsene was serious we could have won something and also the way manchester team faultered toward the end.
      explain why is walcott being picked to play on the wing while real wingers sit on the bench? he’s a striker, if he’s not good enough as striker then he shouldn’t be in the team at all.
      most injuries are also his fault cause team like arsenal should be able to manage big squad and wenger doesn’t believe in rotation. this is 2012 not 1996, if you play the same team every week they will burn out. thats we struggle at the end of seasons. no wonder van persie wants big pay cause he’s doing the job of 4 strikers.

  11. Torres! Remember some bloke name Chamakh who also topped the scoring list in France, and also Gervinho who was brilliant in the Ligue 1? Well Giroud will probably do the same. I;m sick and tired of these French flops – anyone else think the same?

  12. Van Persie is not going anywhere because the management at Arsenal wouldn’t survive selling him for any price when almost every fan would rather keep him the extra year and let him go for free.
    Van Persie is not a player who would sulk if forced to stay. He’s almost a living legend here at Arsenal and after 8 years and seeing what happened to Adebayor and Nasri the last thing he’d want is to sour his relationship with us.
    He stays.
    Now if the improbable happened and the idiot board took the money, then Torres is the player I’d want.
    You don’t lose the class that guy has as a goal scorer but Chelsea were never the right team for him. Too many old heads running the show and with Drogba in the team he was never going to be the main man.
    Van Persie would do well to remember how Torres turned out at Chelsea. Add to that his injury record and he’ll find other teams who pay big money don’t have any patience at all and if he doesn’t adapt quickly, stay injury free and can get over the shock of only being liked at his new club and not worshipped like he is here, then he will turn out like Torres.

  13. There is a huge choice of strikers out there,Arsenal could have easily bought Manuel Vargas(Chile international player)but he ended going to Napoli instead(Napoli did incredibly well this year) also there is Milito at Inter who we could easily buy for little money. We also lost the chance to buy Gameiro who ended up going to PSG…also a bargain…theres also players like Loic Remy who plays for Marseille, he is a very good player too. Huntelaar,Rodon(malaga),Di Natale(Udinese,awesome striker)…we could even keep Arshavin and actually use him behind any striker. There is a vast choice out there, i could keep going..there’s bargains and they are good players that can score goals…sometimes is not just the striker but also the players around them…i would like to see Park play next season!!

  14. Wenger,hill wood,ivan can’t pliz see how many hearts are u killing? Uneed to use money for u to earn money,what will benefit you to conquer all these worldish thing?pliz buy playaz.

  15. In order of preference:-
    Lucas Moura
    Olivier Giroud
    Carlos Casemiro
    They are all different types of world class strikers but what they have in common is bags of energy and the ability to cut through whoever is in front of them.
    These are the key elements currently missing in the Arsenal set up.

  16. Klaas Huntelar would be perfect. I’d love Lewardowski but I don’t think he’s for sale.Am hoping Wenger will sign Belandha xo Giroud won’t be a possibility, if he is, then good, get him. Thght Hill Wood had made pretty promises when it looked as if Arsenal were to finish outside CLd Brckets, what happened?

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