Why Cisse would be a great sigmimg for Arsenal

Of all the transfer talk about Arsenal in the past couple of weeks specifically about strikers, I have not heard anybody mention anything about Newcastle’s Papiss Cisse. Sure, he didn’t have a great season but I think he is perfect for Arsenal at this current time.

If the club cannot sign Wayne Rooney which is looking like the situation today, Wenger’s next top target in my opinion should be Cisse. Arsenal were in the hunt for Gonzalo Higuain and Stevan Jovetic which has calmed down since Juventus got involved and ruined both deals but Fiorentina were wanting around £25 Million for Jovetic which is a pretty high price for Arsenal.

Back to Cisse, he would be a great fit at Arsenal because of the service he would receive which is much better than at Newcastle because of the style of play. This past season Newcastle seem to have been playing in a more counter attacking and defensive way which has left Cisse on his own up front for most matches meaning he has had to try and craft all his own chances with little support from the more creative players in the team who have been injured for large chunks of the campaign.

Cisse is the sort of player who loves to be on the end of crosses, makes perfect runs when he is off the ball and knows how to hit the back of the net when he does have the ball. With all the support from the midfield at Arsenal I believe Cisse could easily achieve over 20 goals in the league and show the best form of his career.

Wenger was watching Cisse for many months when he played for Freiburg in Germany but didn’t make a move for him in the end. Now is the time to make the move but Newcastle will be reluctant to sell him for less than £16 Million which is a problem when Arsenal are involved.

Agree with me or not but I think Papiss Cisse is a great fit for the current Arsenal squad and he could bring more goals to the club than Olivier Giroud.

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5 thoughts on “Why Cisse would be a great sigmimg for Arsenal

  1. Out of all the options out there, you want Cisse?

    Just off the top of my head… Michu and Benteke are much better options.

    It’s silly season, you gotta dream harder than that!

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