Why do no players want to sign for Arsenal?

Looks like Arsenal will be continuing the summer tradition of not signing players as Swansea issue a hands off warning to the club about Michu. We were linked with the Spaniard the other day along with Manchester City’s Edin Dzeko as we faced missing out on Luis Suarez for good and had to find alternative attacking options in the transfer market.

Michu has only been in the Premier League for one season but has impressed everybody with his goals and ability. He scored 18 goals in his debut season in the best league in the world. Not a feat many can accomplish. Swansea’s manager Michael Laudrup has said that it would take more than a “ridiculous offer” to have any chance of signing him which puts us out of the game. We know how Gazidis likes to penny pinch and all that so we can call this deal a distant dream.

We have already lost out on players like Gonzalo Higuain and Luis Suarez by the looks of things. Now we have even missed the boat to sign Luiz Gustavo as he joined Wolfsburg despite the club not having any chance of Champions League football this season.

We have even been told that we will not be signing our other attacking target Edin Dzeko. New city boss Manuel Pellegrini said that Dzeko is staying where he is which means we are going to have to search high and low for players to sign in the last couple of weeks of the transfer window.

Even if we did make a “ridiculous offer” for Michu, according to Laudrup the player would not even want to move away. There was a time that any player in the world would be honoured to move to this club but now we are being rejected left right and centre by every single player that we have been linked with.

Not signing Michu isn’t a great loss but moves need to be made before it’s too late and we find ourselves with a squad being filled by the under-18’s.

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12 thoughts on “Why do no players want to sign for Arsenal?

  1. Firstly the squad today will be made up of 16 first teamers plus 2 from the under 21s. Only 4 players (arteta diaby vermaelen monreal) from our first choice 18 are unavailable and I would say only 1, arteta would have started anyway. The transfer window is not over and there will be a lot of movement over the next 16 days or so. Wenger has options still and I fully expect not just 1 or 2 signings, I expect to see 4 or 5.

    1. Dream on.
      Wenger came out with the same lies word for word in January and had no intention of signing anyone until injuries forced him to buy Monreal.
      Last day panic buy, Wengers special move.
      He lied then and he is lying now, wake up!

    2. I admire your courage mate, but i only see that happening if we get an 8-2 score line somewhere before Sept 1st! if we will most of the games before September, then i see no signings.
      Wenger is just administering sedatives to us the fans and he always wishes the transfer period flies by fast.

    3. Young man, your in dreamland. Wake up! Wenger sign 4-5 players? Are you talkin about this transfer window or over the next 4-5 transfer windows? Didn’t think so

  2. Like seriously! I can’t believe Wenger is frustrating fans wit his attitude of not signin any new signing. This į̸̸̨Ƨ̷ weird!

  3. Say what u want,but the bitter truth is that wenger and his board have behaved like a father would control his home despite what other society members say and they have gotten away with it clearly shown by the overwhelming support fans have shown by paying exorbitant prices for tickets. Now, no one wants to join this family of cheap fathers that get to buy themselves nice polo shirts(huge salaries they get) but can’t buy the bloody basics and have to bargain cheaply for the obvious necessities of the household.

    Am honestly fed up and cnt take watching wenger’s press conferences anymore..the guy literally thinks the rest of us are fools. He has watched on as all the quality players have been signed by the napolis and psgs of this world and now it bitches about lack of quality out there..God,save us from this imbecile

  4. Why are we finding it so hard to sign players ? BECAUSE ..

    > Other clubs don’t want to sell and – when it comes to their top players – they do NOT allow them to get down to only year remaining on their contracts. (Contrast with Arsenal)

    > If other clubs are or might be sellers … AFC aims to buy at a knock down price so we are outbid by rivals.

    > The likes of Rooney and Suarez were never more than a pipe dream.

    > Meanwhile good players (and agents) know – or find out – we do not pay top dollar. AFC tries pay as little wage as possible. (eg. Cesar who is one of the best keepers in the world and on a tiny transfer fee. Of course, we could be paying him a high wage. But Wenger has a thing about not paying much for a keeper … to stop the ball going into our net FFS !)

    > Wenger has a personal view – which is not a market view – of a player’s worth and will seldom change his mind (about anything)

    > Wenger also has a bad track record with star players and experienced internationals entering Arsenal (Arshavin, Reyes, Wiltord, Gervinho, Chamakh, Eboue, Park).

    > Outside players do NOT see AFC and Wenger as winners – WHY ? because we haven’t been winners for 8 years. We are intellectual purveyors of high class, beautiful football.

    In short we think Arsenal is a wonderful club. But the truth is .. we are an attractive destination yes, for youngsters … NOT for established stars !! Sad but true.

  5. I’m worried. Really worried. Yes, the signings haven’t come. But I don’t really think it’s about Wenger. I’ve a feeling it’s something more going on behind the scenes. What follows is pure conjecture. I’m not ITK. I’m not even sure if what I’m going mention is legal so feel free to shout me down.

    Apparently our beloved afc are sitting on a kitty of about £150m. How much would it cost to recall all the issued shares? Obviously more than £150m but if you take out silent stans cut and we are probably not to far removed.

    This inaction on the transfer front reeks of a power struggle behind the scenes and I really want to be wrong but it looks like the silent one might win it.

    I want nothing more than to be reading about our 3-4 new signings at the end of the transfer window. Of course Wenger knows he needs them. But until things are sorted at board level this farce is going to continue year in, year out.

    Support the boys and Wenger today. They need it. Save your booing for those “upstairs”. They want to turn us into a cash cow. A business. They forget we are a club.

    Enough of the worrying for today. There’s a match on you know! Up the gunners!

  6. I blif all dis news are fake news, wenger did not bid for most of those players but u know from the press they lyk to add up non existing news, from what I read, wenger did not bid for Gustavo and for williams bt some journalist use to add up fake news and we are not here to read fake ones but genuine the ones, I think its tym we cast blame on this journalist and let them no their news are fake almost every time. As for wenger I no if he bid for a certain player, the player will surely come to arsenal. Arsenals reputation as not spoiled to that extent. They know he’s probably one of the best manager in the world. So I blif in him not in him only but in the team called arsenal ever since I was a fan. And I will do even till the end of time. Up gooners.

  7. what the club have done wrong is inform the world and its wife that we have money.
    By doing this all it’s done is increased transfer values of players. They should have kept quiet and done the business like we normally do.
    Hate to say this but Sp@rs have invested with no public declaration.
    I won’t be buying any merchandise until this club starts investing in top top players.
    We have already lost out on 2 with our dithering!!!

  8. Wenger says quality players not available But i see spurs field 4 top players in chadli, soldado, paulinho, capoue… Anyways for bargain hunters like wenger you cant always find quality in a flea market… sick of Arsenal transfer policy… without three/Four good signings Tottenham will definitely finish above the miser gazidis n stingy stan…

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