Why Fabregas to Arsenal is so complicated yet so important!!

The time of Arsenal’s summer transfers has come and with it, who would have guessed only two years ago, another Fabregas saga. We all remember him going back home, carrying all of his Barcelona DNA with him. What comes as a surprise is that apparently he didn’t so much want to return for the sake of Barcelona but for the sake of playing for Guardiola. So now he has gone, Cesc became unsettled (isn’t it great to finally see players of other teams getting unsettled too)?

I myself would love to see him back at the Emirates. If the information about Barca still owing us huge amounts of money is true, instead of waiting for that money to come our way (which I guess wont be happening any time soon, since they owe another 50 mil for Neymar), just take the player back and pay the extra they want for him. But I wonder about the numbers being correct – I highly doubt Barca selling Cesc for only 25 millions. That would actually mean we could get him for about 10 million in cash and everything else could be scratched off their debt to us. Theoretically. Since my guess would be, when it actually comes to the selling of the player, the price would get extremely inflated. I can just see Jose offering 40 million to Barcelona just for the sake of inflating the price and in the end making sure Arsenal lose more money or not get the player (same applies for Pellegrini and the rest of them).

And now I come to the reason I started to type. Is it possible for El Capitan to return to North London? My guess would be, if he changes the club again, he would prefer coming to Arsenal instead of Chelsea or City. Although, with him being a friend with another of our former captains who now plays for United, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible for Fabregas to land there. I know he said he’s not gonna go there, but seriously, after all the players kissing the badge, telling how they’re part of Arsenal and how they love the club, and leaving the same club a few days later, I’m prepared for the worst scenario.

Anyway, as the rumours say, Arsenal has the right of the first choice. Basically, if we want him, and hes for sale, we can have him (what a briliant piece of business by the old man, putting that into the contract, by the way). So, if we don’t get him, it’s our fault. What I mean by that is – I have always been a Wenger man, and can’t really imagine the club without him and have never gone onto the wenger-be-gone bandwagon. BUT…If we actually get the chance of getting Cesc and don’t take it (and him) and he ends up at United or some other Prem club, well, I will start screaming Wenger out as loud as possible. To see him play against us in the league, when we actually could have had him, unforgivable.

So, my favourite version would be him joining us, but if that doesn’t happen I’d prefer him staying where he is.

Now, if we do actually obtain the player, it could be a problem playing all of them – Jack, Cesc, Santi, Rosicky. Hell, City has 4 top strikers and somehow none of them complain (ok, Džeko does a bit) for playing too little. Its called rotation. The VERY wrong thing to do would be selling Santi to City, as we know him and Pellegrini go a long way back. Hopefully the joy of welcoming Cesc back, would not be marred by the fact our no. 1 player last season will go to the competition (and wenger saying-we have so many players now in the same position, bla bla bla…) It would be a complete nonsense especially as Rosicky isn’t getting any younger and Jack cant seem to get a full season in.

That would be my first few short lines on the site, looking forward to the coments

Blaž from Ljubljana

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2 thoughts on “Why Fabregas to Arsenal is so complicated yet so important!!

  1. It’s strange, from reading on the web it seems many Arsenal fans would like Fabregas back. Why? Would they want Nasri or RVP back? Also, with Xavi getting a bit old, Barca will probably want to keep Fabregas as his replacement. Plus we already have Carzola and Rosicky in that position, and Wilshere, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Podolsky can play in that position if need be. Save the money, it will be needed elsewhere, i.e. striker, right back, left wing, centre back, maybe holding midfielder.

  2. Rumours are just what they are..Rumours, Honestly can’t see him going anywhere in this transfer window

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