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Why Were Sturridge, Cleverly and Campbell Called-up And Ox Left At Home?

Posted on February 23, 2012 by admin

Now we’ve all probably already heard that English youth side manager Stuart Pierce is going to take over the senior squad for a while until the FA will decide on who is the best manager who can take over the squad.

You’ve also probably found out the fact that even though Pierce declared that he’s going to use a very young line-up, the likes of Sturridge, Cleverly and Campbell were called to the national squad, while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was forgotten about.

Now my question to you is why? What did Cleverly do that Chamberlain didn’t? Cleverly just got back from an injury and even though he’s a talented young lad he’s far from the form which made him an international player in the first place. Campbell is indeed in a good form and his call-up is probably explainable, and so is Sturridge’s if we think about the amount of games he gets for Chelsea and the fact that he is one of the few in form Blues players, but what was the reasoning when he decided to leave the OX home?

From all of the above mentioned Chamberlain is by far the most in form player and his progress was incredible coming from Southampton to Arsenal and then proving to be one of the most promising players in English football, so why not call him?

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6 to “Why Were Sturridge, Cleverly and Campbell Called-up And Ox Left At Home?”

  1. the beautiful sarf says:

    Also none of those 3 qualify for the.under 21s. pearce is right the.ox will get far more out of 90 mins for the.under 21s than 10 mins as a sub against holland.

  2. Zak says:

    Clearly S Pierce does not deserve to be more than a Temporary replacement. He has no vision and no clear sense of direction…big cock up by not calling the Ox

  3. Phil says:

    I never understand why fans of a team get upset when one of their players doesn’t get picked for international duty. I think it’s great. One less game that they get injured. In this case it’s not so, since he will still be playing in u21

  4. Adeola says:

    If Tom Cleverly has being out injured & makes d team. I think Kieran Gibbs ought to have being given a chance as well.

  5. Door Gunner says:

    Im glad Ox has been left out. What can Arsenal not afford? Another injury.Also leaves him free to play. Lets not look a gift horse in the mouth!We need potential goal scorers and given form (apart from RVP) he will be needed.

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