Will Arsenal Win Trophies Soon? Ramsey Seems To Think So.

Arsenal’s centre midfielder Aaron Ramsey thinks that Arsenal will be able to win back to back trophies just as soon as the team will have played more than a few games together managing to create true bond on the field.

‘There’s plenty of young talent there and we have to bond even more and gel as a team throughout the years. Hopefully we’ll make it successful for many years,’ Ramsey told Arsenal Player.

‘It’s important that you have that core, that you’ve been together for a few years and you understand each other.

‘It’ll only make us stronger because you realize what to do on the pitch.’

The Gunners will have to prove their worth on the field against Manchester City on Sunday. This may be their chance to turn the title chances in their favour, but it could also mean losing every chance for good, so the weekend game is a very important one for both parties.

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