Will Wenger Stand Between RVP And His Dream?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems worried about the possibility of an injury occurring to Dutch striker Robin Van Persie before he can finish the year and stop fighting for the record.

Shearer’s 36 goal record has been in Robin’s mind and on everybody’s lips for quite a while now and Wenger’s afraid that the striker might make an obsession out of this and perhaps even get injured.

‘It will be a big demand for him, but I don’t know yet, we will assess the situation after every game,’’ said the manager.

‘‘I don’t want to stop him. I am very happy if he does it, but hopefully he can combine the record with staying fit. You get his vibes, the medical vibes and you know the history with him. Then you make a decision.

‘‘I did it [rested him] in the Champions League because I thought we had enough security there and we could take a gamble. Also he was very tired after the Chelsea game.

‘‘What is important for me now is he stays fit. I know that if he is fit he will score goals. It’s as simple as that.’’

‘‘But I have seen it with Ian Wright, he was aiming for the record and he didn’t score.

‘‘After he said, ‘no I am not bothered’, but you know with Ian Wright, the one thing he thought about day and night was scoring the next goal.

‘‘It was a little while for Thierry as well, so it is on their minds a little bit but they do not have to make an obsession of it, just play naturally.

“It is strange because you score goals when you don’t think about it.

‘‘I believe the great players know what is important. And what is important is that he is the leader of the team. He knows as well that what is important is to win the games.

‘‘What is important on the pitch is to make the right decision for every situation you face. He does that very well.’’

‘‘That’s the target. In sport you always want to improve upon what you have done before.’’

Robin still has two games until the end of the year to score the 3 goals he needs in order to break Shearer’s record. He scored a hat-trick against Chelsea, so why shouldn’t he score one in Tuesday’s match against Wolverhampton?

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One thought on “Will Wenger Stand Between RVP And His Dream?

  1. is it wrong of Wenger to put the season and the club ahead of a single players personal accomplishments?
    I would be disappointed if RVP didnt play, because I want him to break the record, but its natural for a manager to want longevity in players in a long season, especially a player with an injury history like RVP. I wouldnt hold it against Wenger, as he is just being a responsible manager. If RVP were to get injured, then Wenger would be criticised for putting RVPs personal accomplishments ahead of the clubs interests. So wenger cant win.
    Hopefully RVP can play and score and break that record.

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