Wrighty blames Wenger for Arsenal woes! Is he Right-y?

There have been a lot of people sticking up for Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal team selection and tactics after the unfancied Croatian champions Dinamo Zagreb inflicted and damaging Champions League defeat on Arsenal last night.

Many think that it was the performances of the individual players and the team in general that was to blame for the shock result and that they let the manager down, but the former Arsenal and England striker Ian Wright thinks differently. As reported by The Telegraph today, Wrighty was quick to blame Wenger.

Although the pundit working for BT sport was critical of the French striker Olivier Giroud, he also thinks that Wenger should have realised that Giroud was struggling and started with Theo Walcott instead. He also declared that the boss was wrong to make so many changes and was just asking for trouble in such an important game.

Wright said, “I get a lot of stick from Arsenal fans for comments I make but I’m not going to sit here and say Arsenal can make six changes against Dinamo Zagreb and win the game. We’re not good enough to do that what we did tonight.

“I would have started Walcott, just because he played and scored against Stoke. He has the momentum but at the moment, Giroud doesn’t seem to be in the right place. He got booed off for France and it’s not quite happening for him. This is Theo’s time.”

Was Wrighty right to blame the manager for the failings of the players, or was he let down by them?

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  1. Dattijo Aliyu says:

    Wright was very correct, wenger is gradually killing all he has labour for arsenal. When we are shouting before the commencement of the league that wenger is not willing to sign an establish player nobody take us serious, just like he stick to diaby despite the fact he knows very well he is vulnerable to injury. The same thing now he is applying to giroud, for wenger to tell us that he cannot see a good striker to buy with the huge resources at his disposal is unfortunate. Infact I still rate sanogo higher than giroud.

  2. chris says:

    YES and for a whole load of other mistakes which have cost us over the years …. while some still rate him as GOD.

  3. Albert says:

    Just a question, as any of Arsenal legionary striker, offer to help arsenals striker force if not stop complaining

  4. Victor Thompson says:

    Wrighty was correct. The team was a shambles.I have condemned Wenger before this match for not signing a CF and a DM.

    When I saw the team sheet, I was flabbergasted. I could not see what shape he intended to play. He took Bellerin off and played Debuchy who was clearly off the pace. He took Coquelin off and replaced him with Arteta and played Ox on the wing. Ox started well but Arteta tucked himself into the midfield which left Debuchy exposed when Ox marauded upfield. When we lost the ball ( which was often) they poured through the gap between Ox and Debuchy. There was no interceptor in midfield. Arteta couldn`t cope.

    Gabriel and Kos were too far apart and there were gaps in the centre of the defence. Gibbs bombed up the wing and Santi was otherwise engaged trying to upholster the attack where Giroud was bouncing every ball back to Dynamo players. All of this left the team with no cohesion.

    As usual, when the world and his dog could see the problems, Wenger waited until well into the second half before it dawned on him that he had to make changes.

    As Gary Neville said; Wenger is either naive or arrogant. I think that he disrespected Dynamo Zagreb. Just what level of football did he think they were at when he played such a shambles of a team. Did he really think that that apology of a team would stroll through a European match?

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