WTF? Khedira’s agent DENIES Arsenal talks!

It seems as if we could have been led up the garden path with a lot of the recent Arsenal transfer rumours, which have claimed that Arsenal and Chelsea were battling it out for the services of the World Cup winning central midfielder Sami Khedira.

And whereas the papers have been reporting that transfer fees have been agreed with Real Madrid and that there have been negotiations with the Germany international over his wage demands, and then direct phonecalls from Jose Mourinho in an attempt to get Khedira to snub the Gunners, his agent has today pored a big bucket of clod water on the rumours, as reported by ESPN.

Jorg Neuebauer said, “We are not in talks with Arsenal.

“I don’t think a fee can have been agreed, otherwise I would have been told.

“When a club have an interest I am sure they will call me and we will speak about things. The same goes for Chelsea.”

So don’t expect Arsene We3nger to be able to announce Khedira as an Arsenal player anytime soon, Arsenal fans. The agent does not say that Arsenal are not trying to sign the 27-year old, though, merely that the talks have not reached the stage where we are discussing terms with the player.

It could be that Wenger is still interested in signing the powerful all-rounder this summer, but is still trying to agree the terms of his transfer from La Liga’s Madrid. Until the buying club persuades his current club to sell, there is little point in taking things further, except to find out if the player is interested.

With just a year left on Khedira’s contract, what is the betting that the Frenchman is trying to drive a very hard bargain?

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One thought on “WTF? Khedira’s agent DENIES Arsenal talks!

  1. What! Gunner supporters have led up the garden path by rumour writers? Well I’m flabbergasted. I’m amazed. I just can’t believe it.

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