Yet another Arsenal transfer fails due to work permit

According to the latest update regarding Sebastian Perez, who has been training with Arsenal, the Colombian has been forced to return to his homeland and to club Atletico Nacional after failing to obtain a work permit in England. It is starting to look like the only transfers Arsenal fans will see this summer is if we go to the paper shop and buy a packet of stick-ons.

From the fact that he applied for a permit suggests to me that Wenger was keen on signing Perez. A fee would have been needed to purchase the 20 year old but it would have on of been minimal compared to what we have available and so it’s very likely Wenger was keen on making this deal possible. However due to a work permit, the player’s chance to play for Arsenal has been extinguished.

However it doesn’t mean his chance to sign for the Gunners has. We can still buy Perez but cannot play him in England, so as with Joel Campbell, Wellington Silva and many others before him, Perez could be purchased and then immediately sent out on loan to a European club to gain experience and then eventually be welcomed back to England and once again apply for a work permit.

But saying that, I feel like this is the end of the road for Perez at Arsenal. I think Wenger was only interested in signing him as a backup squad player. One that sits in the background to fill up the squad numbers and depth, whilst getting the occasional game and so therefore as he wouldn’t be able to play in England this season, there would be little point in getting him.

Of course I may be wrong and Wenger may hold a long term interest in the player who predominately works as a defensive midfielder. In which case we could still see him be signed but in my opinion it’s unlikely and we will soon move on to another player.

I suppose at least the good news in terms of trialled players is that we haven’t heard anything more on that Ligue 2 Moroccan player that we were all very worried about being Wenger’s second signing of the summer.

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