A plea to Arsenal fans to give Wenger some respect


We are now approaching Arsenal’s final game of this campaign and as we are playing the worst team around I am sure we will finish in a respectable third place. We may not have won a trophy but we have performed better than every other team except Leicester and Spurs, including all the other so-called Big Clubs.

Now this has been a very angry season on Arsenal Blogs with people aggressively calling for Wenger’s head since the opening day defeat by West Ham, and was just as much in evidence in Sunday’s penultimate game against Man City. In this game we secured our Champions League slot, away at the most expensively acquired team in Premier League history. In fact against a team that only recently lost narrowly to Real Madrid in the EPL Semifinal. They are no pushovers but we managed to come from behind at their home ground to get the necessary point.

BUT still, all the way through the game and afterwards, all I hear is how bad the players are, and how rubbish Wenger is as a manager. The evidence of his ability and success over 20 years of giving his life and soul to our great club shows he doesn’t deserve this outrageous treatment. I really hope that we don’t have to listen to this for the next 12 months. Wenger WILL be here for his 20th and last season. Let’s show him respect for his achievements and give him one more chance to go out in a blaze of glory.

Stop calling for Wenger out until at least he has been given the summer to improve the team as he likes, and prepares to win everything next year. We have flogged the subject of Wenger’s departure to death and it is now time to celebrate finishing in the Top Three despite having a rubbish manager and mediocre players.

Give the Boss one more year to put things right. He deserves that chance at least.

Sam P (previously appeared on JustArsenal.com)

4 thoughts on “A plea to Arsenal fans to give Wenger some respect

  1. I agree give in one more season to put things right if he
    get the quality players to reinforce his squad

  2. Let wenger stay for a little bit coz he knows arsenals probs and immediate solutions,i believe he doesn’t celebrate when we loose a game,but he needs support from us suppoters.

  3. Does he deserve it after 19 year of talk n nothing happening. He is good with his words but not producing anything is bad. Unlike Ferguson who shows what he is capable or the Spurs coach. Produce with class. This is just words saying we will be champion but nothing

  4. I agree about that let give arsenal wenger the last chance but I believe we re going to over come all this issue,I love u wenger

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