A Terrible Night of Bad News for Arsenal, Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere


All-in-all yesterday was a terrible day for Arsenal and their fans with the awful home defeat by Wigan, but the bad news started just minutes after the start of the game when Mikel Arteta started limping with an ankle injury.

While Arsene Wenger was thinking about what to do, Di Santo somehow managed to put Wigan in front, then just a minute later the visitors were two up thanks to Jordi Gomez’s scruffy goal, and Aaron Ramsey finally replaced Arteta with the Gunners facing a mountain to climb.

Although Thomas Vermaelen made it 2-1, Arsenal never managed to recover from the disastrous start and went on lose the game. Wenger reported afterwards that Arteta was unlikely to take any part in the rest of this season.

“It is an ankle problem.” Wenger said. “It looks quite a serious one. We have to scan it tomorrow, it is too early to say tonight. But it doesn’t look a little ankle sprain. It is a serious one.”

Wenger then revealed even more bad news with the fact that Jack Wilshere would not play again until next season, meaning he will also miss England’s attempt to win the Euro2012 tournament.

He said sadly: “Jack Wilshere will not play again this season and will not go to the European Championships. That is for sure,”

“He is not ready to practice today or next week. His ankle is fine and he makes progress, but it is slow progress. We had a chat about that this week. His progress is not quick enough to go to the Euros.

“Jack is devastated. What kept him going was that he felt, even if he could not play with us, he had a good chance of going to Euro 2012. That is over now. But Jack is mentally strong and he is already working hard ahead of next season.”

The saying goes that bad news comes in threes, so hopefully Arsenal won’t have some more next week when they face a now-crucial fixture against Chelsea.

Arsenal v Wigan Highlights

9 thoughts on “A Terrible Night of Bad News for Arsenal, Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere

  1. This is terrible news for Arsenal and Arteta! Jack coming back in time for anything other than a last game 10min cameo was never going to happen so although I am sad for him, my Arsenals season is more important right now!
    I read somewhere that every game Arteta started we won and list the games he didn’t, so we are fooked it seems. What will Arsene do now? Will we still pinch 3rd? If we were offered 4th right now I would take it. I am very nervous now and don’t know what to do!
    I hope Arsene knows something must be done we got Chelsea this weekend and they are on fire again. I really hope Barca take them to the cleaners and get a few short term injuries or fatigue sets in. Then spurs to keep losing so we can not he troubled.
    Oh life was so good on Sunday now it’s all going pear shaped!
    Can u tell I am panicking?

  2. Ac milan – second leg, there was no arteta and we played the ox in an attacking midfield role, that’s the way to go in my opinion. However, considering coquelin and diaby r coming back, along with koscielny and gibbs it is not all over! I still think we are going to pip 3rd we just need a strong response against chelsea and hope spurs keep screwin round. Come on arsenal!

  3. Can anyone tell me what Walcott did and achieved in 95 minutes on the pitch … and why Ox did not replace him long long before ? Ox eventually made little impact but he only came on near the end. Meanwhile Gervinho looked like he dreaded the ordeal of coming on and playing at all.

    We seem to have a knack of bringing in good players and making them a lot worse (eg. Arshavin,Chamakh, Bendtner, now possibly Gervinho.) All of those right out of touch, confidence and self belief.

  4. walcot is a fluke yesterday i don’t why wenger keep on having faith in him,he was woeful.

  5. Arteta’s injury is bad news for us, but lets hope Arsene uses the Ox to replace him and not Ramsey. We need something special on the pitch on saturday.

  6. Arsenal players & wenger disappointed us ysterday i just hope will make d top 4.

  7. Arsenal players & wenger disappointed us ysterday i just hope will make d top 4 and useless ramsey on d bench.

  8. We are in this position today because wenger is very poor with team selection. Theo was pathetic , had no reason to play 50 mins. Ox should have come in for arteta not Ramsey, the latter brings absolutely zilch to the game. Slept with a terrible headache, worried over champions league qualification.

  9. I afraid we unable to scure Top 4 this season..look at our next fixture we will entertaining Chelsea and Stoke..it’s difficult for us if we played like last nite. Let’s pray spurs, newcastle and chelsea will drop points

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