A win against Liverpool should give Arsenal the needed boost to beat Munich


Hello Gooners! It is another weekend of football and from the look of things; we are going to have a lovely weekend for all of us. A draw in the Bournemouth game versus Manchester United was just the perfect way to start the weekend. The result meant we stand a chance to increase the point difference between us and Man United, if we can beat Liverpool. Any type of pressure reliever is welcome at this moment in time.

Our early evening game against Liverpool is one game we have all been looking forward to; some with high hopes, while others with fear. Based on recent happenings, one will not be on the wrong side to be skeptical of the Gunners getting a good result away to Liverpool. However, if there is one thing I have learnt as an Arsenal supporter, it is never to give up on the gunners because when you expect them to lose, that is when they win (funny though).

I predict a win for us against Liverpool because I know they are also in need of a win and their desperation will play perfectly into our hands and we will take advantage and whop them silly! Sanchez will want to prove a point today that, despite his intentions to leave Arsenal (let us not act as if we don’t know he wants to leave us), he still has a lot to play for. He is currently fighting for the Golden boot award together with Lukaku and Kane. Whoever plays the creative midfield role today in the absence of Ozil, will want to prove a point to Wenger and the fans that without Ozil, we can still be creative in the middle of the park. My big fear is for Petr Cech. This man has not given us his best this season but I pray he steps up his game today and prove to us that we were not wrong to buy him.

We should just pray that Wenger uses the right players for the right positions and not choose his team based on favouritism. Lucas Perez should be given the opportunity to start against a big team today and let us see how well he fares. Iwobi should be rested in my own opinion, while Welbeck takes his position at the left side of attack. Walcot can still hold down the right side of attack because of his pace which can cause problems to any defence on any good day, let us just hope today is the good day.

Liverpool may attack us with all they have both I strongly believe we have what it takes to repel their attack and turn their attack to their nightmare. I see us winning this game ; I don’t know where my optimism is coming from but I see us winning this game by 3 goals to 1. We are going to avenge our early season defeat and this time around, they are going to feel it real hard.

If we will this game, then Bayern Munich had better be careful because we will charge at them like a wounded Lion. What do you predict for today’s game?

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