Aaron Ramsey – I was disappointed with my performance….


I know that Aaron Ramsey is an easy target at the moment as it seems that 90% of Arsenal fans (including me) are calling for Arsene Wenger to drop him for today’s game against Chelsea (Release the Ox!!!), but I have just found a quote from Ramsey himself where he agrees that he didn’t play well against Wigan.

“It was a disappointing result and we wanted to win that game, being at home as well,” Ramsey said on Arsenal.com.

“I felt that personally and as a team we didn’t perform to what we are capable of doing. I was disappointed with my own performance but hopefully we can just put that behind us and move onto the next game, which is Chelsea.

“I think it is a big game for what is at stake. Obviously they have been doing well recently so they are going to be full of confidence. But we are confident that we can get the result we are looking for. It is going to be a big game in terms of where we are going to finish at the end of the season, we know what we have to do and hopefully we can do it on the day.

“We have done remarkably well to get back into the position we are in at the moment. We were 10 points off Tottenham at one stage and now we are in front so I think we have turned the season around. Hopefully we can finish the job off for the remainder of this season and then next season have a better start.”

Well at least he has admitted that he’s not playing well, but it seems like Wenger is not bothered about Ramsey’s form and keeps picking him. But the one thing about that quote above from Ramsey is the abundance of “hopefully”s. Where is the confidence? Where is the “We WILL beat Chelsea?

We don’t want “hopefully”, we want “certainty”…..

18 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsey – I was disappointed with my performance….

  1. I like Aaron he works hard but makes mistakes. I think he’s not been the same since his leg break. But also if we get on his back his confidence will drop we need to boost his morale and he will play better. I lost confidence in Wenger and he’s proved me and many others wrong. Let’s get Ramseys hopes and confidence a boost and get behind him.

    1. yeah true man..ramsey is agood player he needs time and i am happy that he played much of this season and has got a taste of what is EPL is playing week in week out…so i really sure he will be a better player nest season and everyone will start praising him ..come on RAMSEY and COYG..:)

  2. I really do believe that Ramsey just needs support, then his confidence will be back and we’ll see the old Rambo again…
    I’m extremly nervous for this game, but I know that Arsenal will get a good result! COYG!!

  3. This is tricky, was it just Wigan? You hang a dead fish in the sun for so long and it aint just the same, I personally have just had the endless this or or that is holding him back, he is a well paid pro not producing

  4. after reading the above cooments, being an anti ramsey arsenal fan, i am almost inclined to shade a tear and agree he needs the support and bla bla..but the harsh reality is that his leg break was over a year ago, he was sent out on loan to gain his confidence and that paid no dividends..for how long will arsenal be the breeding nest for all these low on confidence up comers (chamakh,denilson,bendtner,vela,ramsey and so many others)??? correct me if am wrong but this theory of giving every player we believe to have some talent all the time they need in the world is the reason as to why we are a parody of a big european club..no silverware in over 7years and still counting because vital positions on the field are covered by average palyers whom we claim we should give support to..and the few that live up to their potential (fabregas,nasri,flamini)realise its time to get their hands on some trophies thus absconding from emirates..leaving the average (ramsey) to replace them and waste another season based on the same crap..’he has potential’…i say lets cut our losses and let ramsey go to a club that has the luxury of time..i have had enough of his below par performances, he is simply a mid table team player.

  5. No he definitively doesn’t get it always right think about the Denilsons and Bendners Wenger used to play week and week out before giving up on them ….u cant force to make the useless look good….we dont have the time and the balls to f%$^k around the cl spot is on the line…If u know whats good for u Ramsey ask for a loan bec right now u aint doing us and ur self a favor with ur poor permanences…

  6. Sorry Pal, you are just another armchair expert who has personally not reached any great heights at anything, making it so much easier to find fault with youngsters good enough to captain their national team at 20. Pathetic.

  7. Ramsey gives up possession far too cheaply. If you look at the best teams like Barca, every single player keeps the ball. He played the same today as he has all season long. Maybe he just doesnt suit Arsenals style of play, but we cant hide from the fact that gifting the ball to our opponents so often is costing us games. If you want to be a winning team you need to be clinical. Wenger gave him too many chances to improve – Arsenal have become the slowest team in the world to drop inadequate players and thats why we dont win trophies.

    1. Close control, passing ability, shooting, balance/strength stamina and workrate. He’s not world class in any particular area, but he’s very well-rounded and could be an excellent player in time. The criticisim he has been getting has been well over-the-top. He hasn’t been great, and maybe he should be dropped for the time being (if we have anyone else to do the job with Arteta and Wilshere both out – I’d back Coquelin if he’s fit), but to imply he has no talent, and could never be a quality player is blinkered.

  8. Ramsey is agreat player bt he is human and making mistakes every body does that u cannot start hating a player for few games i think he is doing that to get back fast or to make it right the only think he need is to calm down alittle bit and do thinks the calm way and thats is why wenger is picking him up all the time so i believe if we lose that kind of player we will regret about it

  9. hello..
    greeting from malaysia..
    i have 1 question?
    why park chu young still not played for arsenal?
    why he just been used for sub in 80 minutes when we have a clash with man u?
    i feel that his talent is very good enough to break the first eleven!

  10. I have been a gunner since 1966 and I cannot understand all the flack that this young lad gets. He had a bad leg break by that moron Shawcross and he had to come back from that. It is always easy for supporters to latch on to one player. I remember many moons ago (older gunners will remember) a player called Jon Sammels. He could do nothing right, even when he did everything right. He was the scapegoat and eventually left the club. He was one of those players that put in a shift but because he was not in the limelight all the time the supporters got on his back. But he did his best work off the ball, this was not good enough and off he went. The same will happen with young Ramsey. He has bad days, don’t all of you, I certainly have.d But today was a good day, a point from Chelsea and Sp**ds lost

  11. i believe Ramsey will still fight back for his form,but i believe they should make use of PARK CHU YOUNG…to help van persie in terms of goal thirst and some free kicks.

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