Abbiati – Arsenal are inferior to us and we have no pressure


AC Milan don’t seem to be too worried going into the second leg of their Champions League tie against Arsenal as their team goalkeeper calls for calm and a “nerveless” night.

Christian Abbiati seems to think that even though the Gunners are now in a much better form than they were two weeks ago, it’ll be basically impossible for them to turn the game around.

“Milan need to exploit their bigger experience in Europe,” the Italian told Sky Sports.

“With calm and without pressure in normal circumstances we will be able to (progress from) this round.

“Arsenal were inferior to us in the San Siro and that is the way to carry on in London. To control the ball and to score goals.

“We’re not interested in a mad match but a night with calm and without nerves. The biggest part of the elimination is done but now we need to confirm it in the second match.

“We have watched Arsenal in their recent matches and it is true they have improved. But it is really very difficult to overthrow a 4-0 deficit in 90 minutes in the top level of European football.”

“Robin van Persie is a killer in the area but we saw how to deal with him,” he added.

“We gave an example at the San Siro but at Emirates they will have more chances to create danger in our area.”

Abbiati managed to block every Arsenal attempt to score in the home leg with an incredible performance despite some very good attempts by Robin. We will have to hope he’ll be in worse form tonight if the Gunners are to progress.

Arsenal need to score early in the game and try to crush Milan’s morale as quick as possible if they want to have any chance. Then perhaps Abbiati won’t be feeling quite so calm eh?

2 thoughts on “Abbiati – Arsenal are inferior to us and we have no pressure

  1. Van Persie is notorious for not performing as well in away european matches. If that is what he’s going by, hes gonna be in for a shock. I’d love to see six strikers tonight. one goal each and we’re through!

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