Adams as Arsenal chairman? Maybe not but Chips IS too old


Tony Adams. What can you say? A true Arsenal legend, captain, leader and role model on the pitch, but off it, well he’s not the greatest. Failed managerial attempts have seen his profile drop and in my opinion he certainly hasn’t helped himself with his latest comments.

Upon the announcement that Peter Hill-Wood would be stepping down and his replacement would be Sir Chips Keswick, Adams came out in response today, stating that he too applied for the chairmanship.

In what turned into a rather long rant, Adams said; “I don`t need the money, I would put the good of the club first in every case and I could mediate well within the club. Then I read an interview with Peter saying they wanted younger blood on the board but it was not easy finding people willing to take on second jobs who were not money-orientated. I thought I ticked boxes, so I wrote to Peter and said ‘I`ve got a statue outside and I know a bit about the club`s principles and values`. I didn`t hear anything back, which was unusual for Peter, but I know he has been ill.

“But if they just wanted a figurehead, they should have gone for me. I think it would have been a better visionary decision than Chips, even though I love him to bits. But maybe the owner thinks that Chips is better politically than me. He was probably the only one who spoke to the 30 per cent owner of the club Alisher Usmanov and was good at reaching out. But if Chips wants to pick up the phone, I will be happy to have lunch with him.”

First and foremost, I’m not slating Adams in any way. I think he was an excellent role model and still is in some ways and the fact he has a statue outside the Emirates, tells you all you need to know of how highly rated he is at the club. However clearly not high enough to gather a place on the board.

I am actually torn between Adam’s comments. I think the club made the right decision not to take his application into serious consideration because ultimately he isn’t the right person for the role. However I also believe it should be someone younger than Keswick. Keswick’s appointment was purposely chosen by Silent Stan because it will mean there is little change to the way the club is run.

Adam’s was basically stating he believes Arsenal need a new driving force to take them back up to the next level and Sir Chips certainly isn’t the answer. At 73 he will have the same business mentality as Peter Hill Wood and so don’t expect any real change at Arsenal under this new chairmanship.

3 thoughts on “Adams as Arsenal chairman? Maybe not but Chips IS too old

  1. Maybe they can bring him in as a defensive coach, wouldn’t that be fantastic? Or a scout like Keown?

  2. This is arsenals BIG problem. NO real drive! No real newthinking! The old mans theaparty…..But Adams is a NO GO as chairman!

    Dein is the man we need!!!


  3. Gunners now really need to focus on wrapping up the higuain deal as early as possible

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