Agent Warns Arsenal Of Competition For Star Midfielder

Arsenal receives bad news from abroad as it seems that long term club target Mario Gotze is not only targeted by a lot of European clubs, but also has a huge price tag slapped on his head by Borussia Dortmund’s officials.

According to the player’s agent, United have already made an inquiry so Wenger will have a very hard time signing him in the summer if the interest from the Gunners will remain alive until then.

“I think in Europe all the top clubs are interested in Mario.

“I can confirm that I have had contact with Juventus and Manchester United, but not only them.

“I don’t know if he’ll go away after this season, you should ask Borussia. But I think that they will not let him leave for less than 40million euros.

“He still is very happy at Dortmund, though now he is injured.”

Wenger might have a smarter plan at hand than anybody expected though. After the player told newspapers that he doesn’t want to leave the club because he has a lot of friends there, the Gunners transferred one of his colleagues Thomas Eisfeld and are also expected to make an offer for the midfielder’s best friend Grosskreuts in the summer. Do you think this will motivate Gotze to join?

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2 thoughts on “Agent Warns Arsenal Of Competition For Star Midfielder

  1. Extremely wishful thinking. Whats going to happen is what always happens.
    Wenger and Gazidis will start the talk of signings in about a months time when the financial results come out and say how the club is in a healthy position and we will have many opportunities in the transfer market. Then we will have one good game before the season ends and they will come out saying “There is no one available that will improve the quality of our team” then about a week before the summer transfer window shuts “If i sign ****** it will kill a young player in our team”
    Arsenal are predictable on and off the field and that is their second biggest weakness after having a team full of pussys, if Gazidis doesnt provide Wenger with something solid to work with in the summer he should go.

  2. Hummels, Khedria, Goetz, Podolski! Go German, Khedria can be cash plus RVP as he is not gonna stay! Buy Sturridge with Walcott going th eo ther way and we might start looking like a team!

    Vermealen, Koscielny, Sagna, Gibbs, Wilshere, Song, Khedria, Chamberlain, Goetz, Podolski.

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