Al-Mukhaini – Arsenal have given me a huge opportunity but I am focused


The Oman international defender, Saad Al-Mukhaini, who has 23 caps for his country, is currently enjoying a trial with the Arsenal and is hoping to make the most of this “huge opportunity”. Al-Mukhaini came highly recommended by Paul Le Guen who is a good friend of Arsene Wenger and is now the manager of the Oman national team.

The left-back admitted that the chance came as a shock to his team-mates, but he is really hoping to make the most of a most unexpected offer from Arsenal.

He said: “Most of my friends and team-mates in the club and national team came to know about it only when it was reported in the media,” he said. “Some of them dismissed it is a rumour. I do not want to lie, but I know I have got a huge opportunity here and I have to trust myself.

“Coach Le Guen has faith in me and he got me this chance, so I have to give my best. It is difficult but not impossible.

“Ali (Al-Habsi – the Wigan goalkeeper) sent a message to me. He has already taken Omani football to a new height and there is no one else I could have looked up for tips. Ali has asked me not to worry much and stay focused on training. He told me a few technical things, the way Arsenal play and asked me to concentrate on what the coach wants from you at the trials.

“Of course, there is pressure on me to do well in the trials, but I have to cope with it. I have to be focused and believe in myself, that I have been selected as there is something in me.”

Arsenal are desperate for a fit full-back right now, and if he succeeds in his trial and is taken on loan by Wenger, he could possibly be making his debut in next weeks match against Man United. What an opportunity indeed!

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  1. Lets wait and see how good is trialist , if he suit our need or not wenger will take decision.

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