Alex Chamberlain excited about playing under Hodgson’s tactics


The Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is very happy with England’s new manager, Roy Hodgson. The player says that it is a positive thing that Hodgson is the team’s manager, as he allows attacking-minded players like Chamberlain express themselves.

In an interview for the Football Association’s website, Chamberlain said: “The manager is a really good man, he gets on really well with the boys and he has a little laugh but when it comes to doing his job he’s been brilliant so far with tactics.”

“He lets players like me who like to run at people express ourselves and he gives us the license to do that.

“So for someone like me who likes to go forward it’s exciting to have a manager who lets you do those things.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm around the camp, everyone is trying to impress because there is a lot of competition for places.

“With the new manager coming in it feels like a fresh start – well it would do for me because it’s my first trip – but the boys seem like they’re really listening.

“He’s putting his points across to us, we’re taking them on board and putting them into the training sessions.”

“I’m not fussy about where I play, I’ll just do the best I can in any position,” he said.

“I was over the moon to make my debut in the first friendly and for the boys to win was a good start for us going into the tournament. Hopefully there are better things to come.

“It’s been a mad year for me all round and to get selected for the Euros was massive.

“I’m not too sure what to expect but it’s going to be exciting.

“When you’re a young lad you want to play in massive tournaments. I can’t wait.”

Euro 2012 is the first major tournament for the Arsenal youngster and he seems very excited to play. The 18 year old is not experienced at all for this kind of competition, but he might compensate this issue with his talent and “age-madness”. Will he manage to be an important England player for the Euro?

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