Alexis makes it clear he wants to leave Arsenal

When relationships go sour, we expect all kinds of funny attitudes from the parties involved but what stands you out as a matured man or woman is the ability to hold your peace and never disrespect the other party involved. Yes, you are no longer interested in the relationship but instead of leaving on a bad note, matured people try to end relationships as friends! This will come in handy if there is need for any future meetings between both parties. The end of a relationship should not be the end of friendship! I wished Sanchez knew this.

After Sanchez played a little role in avoiding the second goal getting into our net, he was substituted by Wenger, who probably felt it was better to remove the man who showed little interest in playing further for us. Wenger was under pressure and as expected, he wanted more from his players. I doff my hat for Walcott and Chamberlain who played their hearts out on the night. But as far as Sanchez was concerned, it was just another waiting to see Arsenal lose, just to prove his point that Arsenal was not a competitive team. What manner of insult from him! What manner of a player will be laughing and catching his fun on the bench, while the team was battling to savage a game. How can a professional player find amusement in his team losing heavily? That was terrible from a world class player.

From his antics and constant bust ups with fellow team mates, it is obvious he does not want to play for Arsenal again. Arsenal should do right by not succumbing to his antics and either increase his salary or hurriedly and desperately sell him to just any club. If I were to be Wenger, I will stop using Sanchez in games untill the end of the season. We have nothing to lose if he does not play again for the team. Of what use is a player who is not interested in a club, playing for the club again? He needs to be shown we are a big club and can survive without him. I feel so much anger in me whenever I watch him laugh on the bench, while we were losing to Bayern. Gosh!

Sanchez is childish and he needs to grow up! I wish he had somebody who would advise him not to make enemies all in the bid to leave the club. Sanchez was very immature in his actions, or am I getting it all wrong?

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