Anchor role for Jack Wilshere in Arsenal’s midfield doesn’t sound right


Not so long ago did anyone of us hear that Sami Khedira would be joining Arsenal and fellow German team-mate Podolski on a 20 million pound move from Real Madrid. However, that hot rumour mill seems to have cooled down and Arsenal’s interest in capturing their third signing of the summer is also perceived to have been put off by Wenger.

But, that doesn’t take away Wenger’s imaginative managerial prowess, as he looks set to handover the duties of a holding midfielder to Jack Wilshere. Mikel Arteta played as a holding midfielder 31 times in the Premier League for Arsenal last season, but his lack of pace, finally, seems to have caught Wenger’s eye.

Consequently, the big question would be whether Wilshere plays as a holding midfielder, ahead of Abou Diaby and Mathieu Flamini – both of whom are specialists in that position. Wilshere, whereas, is a conventional midfielder, with a plethora of slick passing and dribbling ability.

With Ramsey’s box-to-box capabilities making him a certainty in the Arsenal lineup, it’s not ridiculous for Jack Wilshere to take up the holding midfielder slot on the pitch, but what could Wenger and Arsenal lose in the process?

The answer is straightforward, really. Wilshere is that midfielder, who can drive forward, with a lot of authority and precision. Immediately, that beautifully worked team goal against Norwich at the Emirates comes to mind.

1 thought on “Anchor role for Jack Wilshere in Arsenal’s midfield doesn’t sound right

  1. Jack wilshere just don’t have physical strength to play the combative midfielder role that’s one of the reasons he was injured, going into tackles that he just can’t win, his heart maybe there but physically he just can’t.

    Benjamin Stambouli of Montpellier is a combative midfielder that’s doing well surprise Arsenal is to be linked with him, he could definitely be Mikel Arteta replacement.

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