For the past three seasons since Mikel Arteta has signed for Arsenal, he is always seen as a leader of the pack. His amazing charisma and outspoken character has led to him being one of the frequent stand in captains for the benched Thomas Vermaelen. Of the field, he is one of the most gentlemanly footballers on the planet. This can be seen from how graciously he takes his rejection from the Spanish national team. On the field, he is one of the most solid midfielders in the premier league. Mikel Arteta, over the years, has consistently finished near the top for pass completion rate. This is an essential part to Arsenal’s game and thus directly leading to the frequent fielding of Arteta in the starting lineup of Arsenal.

Nevertheless, there have been flaws in playing Arteta. Many people have repeatedly criticized the lack of defensive cover whenever Arteta plays. Arteta is not able to be a tough tackler protecting the back four and ‘do the dirty work’ for Arsenal. This has led to Arsenal being linked to world class defensive midfielders in the world. Both Sami Khedira and Lars Bender would be fantastic additions for Arsenal. This, however, would mean the direct sacrifice of Mikel Arteta’s first team spot.

This may actually be a huge blow for the Gunners as we lose someone with leadership and direction on the pitch.

So is it defensive cover or leadership more important? Let us know Arsenal fans!

4 thoughts on “Are Arsenal ready to ditch Arteta?

  1. Arteta was never a DM and has retrained to do it for Arsenal. Considering he doesn’t really have the build to do it, I think he does a damn good job, and don’t really like the amount of criticism he comes in for. He was fantastic in the FA cup.

  2. Its hard to be effective leader of the team when you can not hold your own in position you play. This leads to your peers to scoff at your critics of any team mate. Think about Vieira or Ray Parlour. Their leadership and charisma was derived from the performance on the field. You could not even dare talking back. Parlour was neither big or technical but a complete nuisance to opponents breaking and disrupting their play. Arteta is nowhere near any of those lads. With no pace or power leaves him very average. Replacement required asap

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