Are Arsenal really up against Alexis mark II on Sunday?


We know that the Arsenal and Chile international star Alexis Sanchez was wanted by Brendan Rodgers to fill the hole in the Liverpool attack left by the transfer of Luis Suarez to Barcelona in the summer. And we also know that the player he did sign, Mario Balotelli, has failed spectacularly to do the job.

But Rodgers has now claimed that he does have a player like our new Arsenal forward after all, in the tiny shape of Raheem Sterling. Perhaps the Anfield boss is trying to get the Gunners worried about what we will face on Sunday, but he has compared Sterling in his new role to Alexis, as reported by the Daily Express.

The Liverpool manager claimed, “In that role he plays you think of Alexis Sanchez when he plays for Arsenal.

“He is not an out-and-out striker but his speed in front of the back four and behind them causes problems and you’ve seen that with him here, he can get it, turn and go at defenders. He was outstanding.”

I agree with him that Sterling is very good and had a good game with his two goals at Bournemouth, but I think he is going way too far to compare him to the Arsenal star. The Championship side were poor for one thing and Sterling was never really closed down.

Surely Arsenal will be able to keep the young lad quiet on Sunday won’t we?

1 thought on “Are Arsenal really up against Alexis mark II on Sunday?

  1. sanchez is twice sterring, arsenal should not worry about liverpool at all, do you why because sterring is goin to flop this weekend, wenger should let the defenders bware of his speed, if sterring is out of game, trust me liverpool will be in hell. go gunners go arsenal

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