Are Stan & Co simply not strong enough to run Arsenal?


Is Arsenal too big to handle for the board of directors?

Hi Gooners. Have we ever asked ourselves why things are the way they are at Arsenal? Have we asked ourselves what direction we are actually going as a football club? What have we really gained as a football club since the Kroenkes bought Arsenal? I have a friend who believes Arsenal is too big a project for Stan Kroenke and his family to handle. Do you agree?

Now, according to my friend, Stan Kroenke bought Arsenal fully last year, without having a clue about what to do to make Arsenal great again. My friend, who is a politician, believes Stan just bought Arsenal as a way of showing off his wealth. He wondered why a man who has not succeeded in making his team in the USA a great team, would dream of owning Arsenal without a plan on how to make Arsenal retain it’s greatness.

If I were to totally agree with him, then I probably would just be seeing things totally from his perspective; but then, is he totally wrong? I guess not.

We have been without a manager since Emery left; we keep hearing of how the board is interviewing one manager or the other, but at the end, we don’t get to hear if the board has made any decision on a manager. A great football club is ruthless and pragmatic in its decision taking; a trait I have not yet seen in the Arsenal board. When things are going wrong in the club, the board delays in taking actions; they probably don’t even know what to do, or do they? When it takes the protest of your supporters before you decide on taking decisive steps, then one needs to question your readiness to run a big club.

Right not, Arsenal needs men who can take life changing decisions. We need managers who can change the way things are done at Arsenal, to how things should be done, to achieve positive results. Is the club too big for Stan and co to handle?

2 thoughts on “Are Stan & Co simply not strong enough to run Arsenal?

  1. Stan and his boy aren’t ready or rather good enough to run arsenal! They have no direction and so do those of Edu! They too have failed to tell the board what’s required or else I don’t here them say. They are simply reluctant to convince the board and the current crop of players to react. I simply don’t feel their importance! Infact, I alude to the saying that “arsenal players are like babies” and the board are just interested in counting money and NoT bringing joy to fans who dare to enrich their bank accounts!

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