Arjen Robben On His Way To Arsenal?

Bayern Munich’s winger Arjen Robben claims that he is very unhappy at Munich and he can’t wait to find a way out of there. The shocking statement put Premiership giants Arsenal and Chelsea on red alert as they’re rumoured to be highly interested in snatching the star winger in the summer.

“I am now considering the options I have and I will get.” Robben said. “It was great to play at Wembley and to see many people I know. It was only my second international game for Holland since the World Cup and it was great that this was in London at Wembley.”

“I can try put up a brave face and make out all the things in Munich do not effect me, but of course it gets on my nerves and effects me. I just needed this game against England so much. It was a joy to be playing at my best again.’’
Robben’s problems are caused by his colleagues and the media who claim that he’s too selfish.

Even the German legend Beckenbauer criticized Robben for celebrating the goals on his own saying: “He should be thanking team mates who work so hard for him.”.

The Dutchman is a world class player, but the problem is that he’s very injury prone. Chelsea were unable to take full advantage of his skills exactly for this reason, and they’re probably skeptical about the possibility of bring him back again, so he’s much more likely to receive offers from Arsenal.

And he may even enjoy playing alongside his Netherlands strike partner Robin Van Persie

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13 thoughts on “Arjen Robben On His Way To Arsenal?

  1. Robben and any other top tier, world class players will not be signing for arsenal now or any time soon. There are ten other european clubs who are willing to offer higher wages to top tier players than arsenal. Besides, when was the last time arsenal signed an already developed, world class talent? Other than chamack that is.

  2. Robben is made of glass. He is not what Arsenal need if we are serious about winning things.

  3. Glass Robben made englands best watch him score easily. Englands best is rooney, who would be sixth or seventh best on the dutch squad. No chance at the euros.

  4. If he is too fragile, why we should have him???? Arsenal have lot of them, thats why we are here now. look at Diabi or Gibs or Djoru and so on. we need player who can play most of season and be on the pitch not in the hospital. Blieve me if Wenger wants to buy somebody really good he will not buy the Robbin. there are many better options than him, if we pay the price for win a praise!

  5. Wel, d rumour is gud 2 hear… Bt ma felow fans r sayin he is an injury prone, rememba last yr ad 2yrs ago RVP was in dat conditn 2, so if ruben luv 2 play in emirate, lets gve him d opportunity ad more ova ‘in wenger we trust’

  6. I think robben will be great signing for along hazard nd lukas bcos there are quality players nd world class for dat matter.

  7. Well I think is a good buy for arsenal cos at d moment d player lack experienceand confidence in d sense dat if they win a game d next they will loss.they should be focus wit their game,and also they should not build their team around one player.dis also affect d team.thanks GUNNers For life

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