Arjen Robben to Arsenal?

Following Arjen Robben’s well-pulicised fight with the French playmaker Franck Ribery, it has become clear that the Dutch winger is going to leave Bayern Munich, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that he might come to Arsenal.

Everybody knows that Wenger is looking to further improve Arsenal’s attacking abilities, and Robben is a part of the pair of wingers which is considered to be the best in Europe at the moment along with Frank Ribery.

Robben was just about to sign a contract with Bayern, but after his altercation with Ribery he is now thinking of leaving the club. He said: “Franck knows that he cannot do what he did,”

“These are all things which are not positive and not pretty, therefore I need to consider everything really well.

“We will have to wait and see – there have been lots of recent developments.”

“There are a few different options,” he said. “That is normal when you are at a top club and people know what I am capable of.”

Bayern’s president Uli Hoeness confirmed that Robben’s contract talks were all but over. He said: “All I know is that he was just about to put pen to paper, and now that has all been postponed.”

Robben would be an amazing addition to the Gunner squad, and although it seems a bit hard to bring him to Arsenal, Wenger might take advantage of the situation. The link has been created before between the two sides and they both seem able to benefit from the move, so why not?

How does a forward line of Podolski, Van Persie and Robben sound to you?

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12 thoughts on “Arjen Robben to Arsenal?

  1. That would be an ectatic and dinamic combination. But this is always been the way Wenga does go, pricing great players. At last leaves them 4 other coaches and they’ll tell’m ‘well done’.So we don’t have 2 get our hopes up

  2. I would rather have ribery to be honest, robbens attitude stinks and ribery let him know about it. I see ribery as an alternative to hazard, he is a player with leadership qualities and has won a fair amount of trophies all though robben has also, I just really don’t like him, he plays for himself not for the team, he celebrates on his own not with the team. Yes ribery has had a number of injuries but for up to 20 mill to have a player of that quality is a bargain. With myaichi and ox coming through he would be my preffered option. I would also look to sign another play maker just to keep the team moving if Wilshire or artetta are injured

  3. Robben is a good player but not a team player. I would rather not have him in Arsenal so that the team spirit is not jeopardized.

  4. It sound great. It wud be a killer combination. But wth A.W! I dont c it coming any near future.

  5. Here could be an undoubtly great signing for us, experienced in winning leagues and knows what it takes, seriously sick of these arsenal fans that want this, that and the other when it comes to quality players, and here we have an experienced quality player, but yet they dont want him cause of a bit of a bad attitude, so what if he has his little strops, who doesnt, id have him anyday, GOONER FOR LIFE

  6. Arjen is an egomaniac. He unsettles good teams even when he plays amazingly well in big games. Bad teammate and bad for a domestic title run.

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