Arsenal abandon Higuain transfer after Real Madrid demand £37m

The latest development in the Gonzalo Higuain saga is Real Madrid are apparently demanding £37M for him now after weeks of messing around in the negotiations that should have been sorted and sealed when a £23M deal was agreed. If Real Madrid are going to continue to string Arsenal along then I honestly think it’s time to give up and look elsewhere, or just focus on signing Luis Suarez and spend the rest of the money on the rest of the team.

The papers have reported several times in the last month and a half that a deal has been agreed and Higuain is on his way to North London but still we don’t see him. I am starting to get suspicious of everybody involved in this deal. Are Arsenal even interested in him? Do Real Madrid now want to keep him? Does Higuain even want to move?

If this can’t be sorted out soon Suarez needs to be bought and I would be happy going in to next season with Suarez as our main man backed up by Olivier Giroud and Yaya Sanogo. Maybe there would even be an opportunity for Joel Campbell to see if he is worth a place at Arsenal.

Since Carlo Ancelotti went to Madrid, the progress of Higuain’s move seems to have completely halted. It seems a very likely scenario that Ancelotti told the club that he wanted to keep Higuain rather than chasing Edinson Cavani and whoever else round Europe.

This is a real shame as I have always rated Higuain since the season before the 2010 World Cup where he was on fire with goals being scored all over the place. That season he was competing with Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the golden boot in Spain.

He’s a good striker, but there is no way in the world that Arsenal and Wenger will pay that much for him.

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One thought on “Arsenal abandon Higuain transfer after Real Madrid demand £37m

  1. Real Madrid’s behaviour has been shoddy in this matter. I would have loved to have seen Higuain join Arsenal, but I doubt that it will happen now. I hope that we have no further dealings with Real.

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