If the reports are true then the only thing stopping Arsenal from completing the big money transfer of the France international star Alexandre Lacazette from his current club Lyon is the say so of the striker himself.

The president of Lyon admitted earlier in the week that his club have received what he described as a nice offer from Arsenal and now The Mirror is reporting that he has also revealed that this has been passed on to the player and his people and that there are no rival bids.

Jean-Michel Aulas did also claim that he thought his star player would decide to stay put but it did not sound to me as though he was really too confident about that, with the lure of the English Premier League and what is sure to be a big pay rise on the table.

The Lyon chief said, “Today, the question of Alexandre leaving is annoying. For us, he won’t leave. He’ll be there for pre-season. Anyway, he’s under contract.

“Alexandre knows our position. If he wants to try his hand somewhere else, there must be offers, which have gone straight to him. For the moment, I have no others. I don’t know if he wants to leave. Maybe he’ll give me a call.

“The ideal scenario would be that he stays and the goals we’ve set.”

So he went quickly from saying Lacazette would stay to saying that it would be nice if he did, so are Arsenal about to secure this top transfer target?

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