Arsenal About To Sign The “New Jack Wilshere” – And Sell The Old One?

In recent days, just as relieved Arsenal fans were getting ready to settle down to a summer free from the annual concern over a big-name departure, we’ve been subjected to reports claiming Jack Wilshere is a transfer target for European Championship finalists Bayern Munich. Their manager Pep Guardiola, by all accounts is a massive fan of the Arsenal midfielder. And as if that news wasn’t enough, there were even some malicious reports put around that Man U were looking covetously at the player. Suddenly, it seems like there’ll be no summer respite for Gunners fans after all.

Whether in response to these rumours or just a result of coincidence, Arsenal have just announced that Jack will undergo a post-season ankle operation, which might serve to cool some of the immediate transfer interest. On a serious note, let’s hope the surgery helps to clear up any lingering injury concerns. All the same, I can’t help wondering whether it’s further evidence that Arsene Wenger may have been a little too hasty in bringing Jack Wilshere back into first team action when he did.

There’s also been some talk that the club are poised to sign teenager Danny Crowley from Aston Villa – a player some pundits have labelled the “New Jack Wilshere”. It’s true there are certain similarities in style between the slight 16-year-old Villa player and our own JW, but if the signing does indeed go ahead, it’s more likely that it’s a long-term investment for Arsenal rather than a sign of Jack’s impending departure.

Hypothetically, if Jack were to sign for Bayern Munich, we should be sure to include a similar clause to the ones that have just paid Arsenal a windfall based on the achievements of Barcelona and Hull City. It seems we stipulated when we sold Cesc Fabregas that if and when the Barca player picked up his first La Liga championship medal, Arsenal would receive an additional payment of £2 million from the Catalan club. In the same vein, Hull City now owe the Gunners £500,000 having just gained promotion with the help of another ex Arsenal player, Jay Simpson.

Yes folks, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal About To Sign The “New Jack Wilshere” – And Sell The Old One?

  1. I don’t know why some guys think Bayern can buy Wilshire? The young man said since that his life is Arsenal and plans to be one time a captain of the team. So has he already been a captain or you feel he is not fit for Arsenal?

    The guy loves his childhood club and he is proud of it, so shut up and look for something else to write on other than distracting our players with you excitements.

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