Arsenal bid for top class striker confirmed

What was at first thought to be nothing more than rubbish Arsenal transfer gossip to fill the back pages of the national newspapers, has quickly turned into a full time report which the likes of BBC Sport, Sky Sports News and now Liverpool management themselves have now confirmed as official.

Luis Suarez doesn’t seem to have a chance in joining Arsenal, although many would argue that its Arsenal that don’t have a chance of joining up with Luis Suarez, but however you want to view it, a few weeks back, you wouldn’t have seen this potential transfer coming. At the beginning of last week that all changed, and we heard the first reports that Arsenal had made a record breaking £30 million offer for Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. “Rubbish” we all called! However much to our amazement Wenger has actually pulled out his finger and bid for the controversial striker.

Liverpool official managing director Ian Ayre has today confirmed Arsenal’s bid for the player;
“We had an offer which is fairly public from Arsenal. We said no to that offer, and as far as we’re concerned, he turns up for training when he’s due back. We’ll move forward on that basis. We get offers for lots of our players at different times. Right now we’d love to see Luis put on a Liverpool shirt for this season and beyond. We hope that once he gets back things will settle down”

It’s no secret that Suarez wants to leave the KOP this summer, however I highly doubt he will be at the Emirates come the 2nd of September. Quite simply Suarez wants to move on for bigger and brighter things. He wants to win trophies and get out of the media’s spotlight and let’s be honest in saying that perhaps Arsenal won’t really offer much different from Liverpool, apart from the Champions League, and although a move to the Gunners would definitely be a step up in my opinion, when you have the likes of Real Madrid also interested I doubt you’ll see him wearing the red and white of Arsenal next season.

Ultimately the main thing this shows us that Wenger is certainly being ambitious in his transfer dealings and so perhaps what he said isn’t as much of a lie as we may have first thought. Let’s hope that although this target seems to be a tad unrealistic, he could have plenty more of ambitious big money targets up his sleeve.

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8 thoughts on “Arsenal bid for top class striker confirmed

  1. Due guys lack what to write? Same old story from the time it termed breaking to the end of the week. I have read the above like hundred times.

  2. I think i love this, cos many like myself think wenger can offer as nuch for a top quality player… But he has shown great intent with d bid and am now sure, we will capture at least a major signing this window…

  3. Suarez coming to arsenal is a possibility…with him in our ranks,trophies are possible..

  4. Do you know that Luis Suarez is the player that had the most touches in an opposition half last season.Wenger just go for him that £40million well spent

  5. The writer of this article had better get out of his slumber! Did he not read Suarez’s reaction to Arsenal interest? How dare he demean Arsenal like that? What is his intention? Why does he think Suarez can’t come to Arsenal? What would he do if he came? Is he writing what he wishes or facts? What would he do if Suarez went to Arsenal? Such emotional and biased utterances are not very helpful and should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.

    1. the guy who posted this article taken from many other articles doesn’t know what he’s saying…

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