A lot of the Arsenal fans out there, despite being armchair managers, accept that Arsene Wenger may have the edge on us when it comes to matters relating to the game we all love, football. But the Frenchman has not exactly enhanced his reputation with the latest piece of insight, reported by Arsenal.com.

I am not saying that the boss is wrong, far from it, just that him saying that the Gunners need to play a bit better than we have been doing so far this season is not really news to many people. How to achieve this and why we have been so poor up to now would be useful information.

But I am not sure that Wenger really knows himself and I am not necessarily blaming him for that. There is no way he could have foreseen how badly a large number of his previously reliable stars would perform this season. The list is long and distinguished, Gooners. (Like my Johnson, to inject an 80s film reference needlessly into the article).

Wenger said, “It is frustrating, but we have to play better. That is how we have to think.

“We dominate our games. It is just when we have a weaker moment we pay for it. That is why I think we have to produce more effort defensively as a team.

“We could be more efficient offensively and defensively, but that will come. I can understand that better because there are players who are new.

“I think as well we are never for a long time in positions where we have the lead, we are always chasing back. Of course that makes it more difficult offensively.

“For example against Hull we were 1-0 up and suddenly we are 2-1 down. But if we score the second goal they have to come out. And with our players we are comfortable on the break.

“I think 95 per cent is there. It is normal that after a World Cup, and [when you] have new players. You see the main thing is there: the attitude, the quality. But the water boils at 100 degrees and not at 99, and we have to add that degree.”

I think that Arsenal are not even close to 99 percent at the minute and you can’t blame the new guys, because Welbeck and Alexis have been two of the best players. Aaron Ramsey, Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker are three players that Wenger would have relied on to at least perform to a reasonably high level, but quite frankly they have not even been close.

Can you really blame Wenger for that?

2 thoughts on “Arsenal boss gets award for stating the bleeding obvious!!

  1. I think we all are not sincere including Wenger. We do not have a complete squad that can face oppositions every week. Our bench is nothing to write home about. Our defense is not strong, we don’t have a holding midfielder and Wenger is causing heartaches for loyal fans. We have become laughing stocks in the presence of other club supporters. It’s either Wenger changes and buys rugged defenders along with quality players or he leaves. We are tired of waiting for success. Enough is enough.

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