Wenger! Lack of goals cost Arsenal the title…Doh

Arsene Wenger is not having a go at Olivier Giroud, but he has compared the firepower of Arsenal to that of champions elect Manchester City and the team that could still beat them to the title, Liverpool, and found his team come up wanting.

I think he will find that every Arsenal fan on the planet could have told him that back in January. In fact I am surprised that he could sleep for all the crying out we were doing for the Frenchman to sign a striker in the winter window.

I understand that he might not have wanted to sign a player that would then sit on the bench, but there were loan deals available, such as Dimitar Berbatov, who ended up at AS Monaco in the French Ligue 1, where the Bulgarian has netted six times in just eight starts.

Wenger doesn’t go as far as saying he messed up by not bringing in some support for Olivier Giroud, in an interview reported by Arsenal.com, but that is certainly the impression that I get. The Arsenal boss also points out that the fact that we spent more time at the top of the Premier League table than any of our rivals, by some distance, means he is bound to have regrets, but he also thinks that every team in the top four except Man City will feel the same way.

Wenger said, “It looks like [City] will win it now. It will need a miracle for them not to win it. Congratulations to them. I believe it was very tight at the top and very tight at the bottom.

“It was a season where Man City just won it in the end, getting over the line. They won a marathon and they turned up in the last 100 yards. But they turned up when it mattered.

“There were a few turning points and certainly the [biggest] was the Everton game that they won. It was not easy for them, it looked very difficult for them to get over the line.

“But Liverpool had an outstanding second half of the season. They are maybe the unluckiest team of the season because they were nearly there as well. It was a very interesting season.

“The difference between us and the team who wins the league will be down to a maximum of seven points if we win our last game. We have been 128 days on top of the league so we won the stamina league, but we failed in some big games away from home.

“To be completely honest, a team like City scored 100 goals so you have to say their offensive potential has been absolutely brutal and fantastic. Liverpool as well. We have scored 66 at the moment, so that is certainly where we have room for improvement.”

You would have to assume then, that Wenger is looking to add to his strike force, which can only be good news. And with Walcott chipping in as well, this should give Arsenal a real chance next season. But you still have to wonder what might have been if Wenger was a bit more adventurous in January.

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