Arsenal boss taunts Liverpool with Suarez – Sanchez comparison

Arsene Wenger may as well have just said, `look at what you could have won` as he compared the Arsenal and Chile international star Alexis Sanchez to the former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez ahead of the clash of the two clubs in the Premier League at Anfield tomorrow.

Suarez did not score against the Gunners on that fateful day last season when we come home to London with our tails between our legs after a painful 5-1 thrashing, but he was a vital part of their team and it has only become more and more obvious this season, as the scousers lurch from one bad day to another disaster, that Brendan Rodgers has failed miserably in his attempt to replace the Barcelona bound Uruguayan striker.

And so Wenger has helpfully reminded his opposite number that our own Alexis Sanchez would have been up to the job. Rodgers tried to get the Chilean, as we know, but luckily for us and sadly for Liverpool, Alexis made the right decision to ply his trade at the Emirates.

Is it a coincidence that Wenger has been praising his star striker and comparing him to the former Liverpool man, as reported by ESPN, in the build up to the vital game between the Premier League rivals? Somehow I think not.

Wenger said, “”Sanchez, he looks like he is made for the English game. Sanchez has settled very quickly. But Sanchez has a kind of game that is instinctive and tough.

“They [Sanchez and Suarez] have similarities. They are South Americans, they are provoking players, they go with the ball. They are very determined as well, both of them. They have plenty of similar attitudes.

“I thought Liverpool was a serious candidate because they had Suarez going there [to Barcelona], so you could think that’s an easy way to do the deal but at the end of the day, the player has always the decision.

“There were some other clubs that were in for him as well. The fact that today the transfers at that level take always time to get every detail right, so because it takes time, you think always that somebody else can come in. Paris Saint-Germain…I don’t know, Bayern (Munich)…to do the deal as well.

“Sometimes it’s coincidence that decides your destiny.”

Now the Gunners, with a fully firing front line including Alexis, have our destiny back in our own hands and an away win tomorrow will highlight the fact that the two clubs are now heading in opposite directions. Sorry about that Brendan!

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One thought on “Arsenal boss taunts Liverpool with Suarez – Sanchez comparison

  1. One BIG different between them, alex don’t have sharp teeth so he won’t bite. LOL!

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