Arsenal can’t allow another RVP situation with Alexis


The last time Arsenal sold a player to a rival club, he won the premiership title with that same club the same season he was sold to the club. The player is Robin Van-Persie. Will Arsenal want a repetition of this? Will they allow Sanchez leave them for a rival club in the same league with them? Can they stand the backlash if he helps the club he joins to lift the premiership trophy? Arsenal should think hard before taking a decision regarding the future of the Chilean footballer.

When Arsenal sold Van-Persie, it was perceived as a lack of ambition on the part of the club, to allow their in-form striker to leave and go to Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson being a coach who knows how to utilize players to achieve results, used Van-Persie well, and together they won him his last Premiership trophy with the club. Yes, Van-Persie wanted to leave then but we had a choice as to which club we could sell him to. Unfortunately we sold him to direct rival! A mistake we can’t make again as this Sanchez’s saga drags on.

Manchester City and Chelsea are among the premiership clubs bidding to take Sanchez away from us at the end of the season. They reportedly are carefully monitoring the contract situation at the club and will pray Sanchez decides not to sign a new contract. Arsenal has the upper hand in this negotiation despite what the media may tell us and we must use this advantage to our benefit. Sanchez wants to leave, no problem – but we decide where he goes to and how much we wish to sell him, not his agent or external influences. We paid a lot to buy him; we can’t sell him on the cheap! It is not good for business especially if he ends this season as the premiership highest goal scorer.

The club should make it clear to Sanchez and his agent that they decide the amount they wish to sell him for and when they do that, they will have a say in which club he goes to. If a club from China comes for him, maybe we should consider the offer from them. This will go a long way in showing players that they can’t hold the club to ransom always, whenever it was time to renew a contract. Sanchez remains our property until he leaves and we must exercise our ownership rights over him. Who else does not want to see Sanchez play for another Premiership club?

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