Arsenal commence negotiations with Montpellier for Olivier Giroud


Arsenal are one of a number of clubs keen to sign the 25-year old Montpellier striker. At 6 ft 3 inches and with his strength and aerial ability, he is seen as a perfect target man. Pretty much the same as Marouane Chamakh was supposed to be. Arsenal are ready to put in an offer for Giroud which includes Chamakh and around £7 million, reports todays Metro.

The French striker has two years of his current deal to run and has a buy out clause of £13 million. Maybe the addition of Chamakh will trigger the clause, depending on your valuation of the Moroccan striker. Chamakh scored just a single goal in his eleven league games for the Gunners this campaign and most Gooners would not rate him very highly at all, but he did spend eight years at Bordeaux so you never know. But as this is an opening bid there is no doubt that Mr Poker-Face Wenger will go higher and he may even go to £10m plus Chamakh which may clinh the deal.

Giroud smashed 25 goals for Montpellier and propelled them to the French title this season but is known to want a move. At the start of the year, the owner of Montpellier stated that Giroud would cost “50 or 60 million euros.” He was trying to put clubs off but may be resigned to losing the player.

If Wenger can pull this deal off, it might turn out to be the deal of the summer. Plus, it gets rid of Chamakh. What a bonus!

15 thoughts on “Arsenal commence negotiations with Montpellier for Olivier Giroud

  1. I’m Really Hoping That He Isn’t Coming To Replace The Captain! 🙂 Adding Giroud To The Team Would Be Massive. RVP, Poldoski, Giroud And Campbell. COYGGGG.

  2. I really have no idea why anyone would believe these story`s when it comes to player swap plus cash deals!How often do these deals occur in football and an even better question how often has Arsene done a player plus cash deal??

  3. If this is true, Wenger did be a fool for not going thru with this deal cos Giroud would be a good back up for VP if he stays or leaves(God Forbid!)

  4. i would be very happy to see chamakh leave arsenal but this deal is giving me the impression RVP is gonna leave. we cant have RVP,Podolski and Giroud in one team. campbell seems to be in next seasons plans so…

  5. I wish this deal could go through as soon as possible! In my view if we land this tall man, plus Jan Vertonghen then we will almost be there. This could even entice RVP to sign another contract. Good luck Gooners!!!!!!!!

  6. IF this deal goes through (which I don’t believe for one second) then it will almost certainly mean than RVP is leaving.

    1. agree with you plus i think people forget we going have campbell as well wenger never has loads off strikers

  7. the rumour sounds like it isa true one,today the press in france confirmed that arsenal are in preliminary talks which its refreshing to know that at least we are trying to net some quality to our squad,but we may have to fork out some more extra money for the deal to get through,i hope they act fast coz after the euros ,his price is gonna shoot up ,he is a prolific goal scorer and real threat up front,someone good with headres which something we ‘ve been lacking for ages now…will be great to have him at arsenal

  8. Whatever should be done should be done fast!
    I am seriously praying for Mr Wenger to deliver this year as i do not wish him ‘humiliated’ out of Emirates – the ovation is not only low now buy (unfortunately) DEAD!

  9. Giroid would be a great addition…but seems like something fishy here. Is RVP GOING. I hope not and then we have 3 world class strikers on board. but really feel that we need M,Villa, from what I read, he can protect our defense and still make those intelligent passes. This will even develop Coquelin, Frimprong…problem we would have 4 ppl in that position. leave that for Wenger to decide. Not sure which creative midfielder we will land or whether we will get one but we definitely need ht Nasri type player. Also feel Arshavin can regain his form and make a difference….but does he deserve another chance.

  10. what a load off rubbish !!! what make people think this player be any better then jeffers ,bendtner ,chamakh to name just 3 players wenger had at arsenal who all good in the air and to be honest have not worked out for arsenal not because the players have been pertically good or bad but because wenger does’nt use the tactics that require a team to have to allow the towering centre forward to score goals , have you lot forgotten that arsenal like to walk the ball into the net and not head it in.
    are you telling me if 8 years ago if wenger brought drogba ,drogba would been a success at arsenal ? i doubt it because our game is about keeping the ball on the floor and not in the air.

  11. Offer straight 10m + Chamakh and hope we get him. Would be great signing imo.
    Come on Wenger.

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