Arsenal desperately need a new creative midfielder


It may seem boring to some fans out there that i keep on hammering on about Arsenal’s midfield problems but what am i expected to do when our coach refuses to address a problem that has cost us points and games for some seasons now? 

 The days of Arsenal’s dominance in the Premier League was made possible because we had a good midfield that was the live wire of the team. Apart from Thierry Henry who was a midfielder turned striker, most of the stars of the team were midfielders! We had Bergkamp, Viera, Pires, Lungberg and Silva. These were players who controlled and won games for us! The midfield of a team has to be strong and sound, if a team wishes to win games and trophies. A list of successful teams both past and present, will open ones eyes to the importance of a strong midfield.

However, I am not here to talk about the midfield as a whole; I am here to make an appeal to our club management to get us an extremely creative and talented midfielder, who is blessed with the ability to dribble, pass and create chances for the strikers to score. Midfielders in the mould of the former Barcelona great, Ronaldinho, the former Bolton great, Jayjay Okocha and of course, our own Bergkamp. 

Mesut Ozil is a great player of esteemed quality but his inability to control the midfield especially against the big teams, has cost the team points and deprived us of winning games we could easily have won! He is creative as an attacking midfielder but not creative enough. Can he do a messi and dribble his way past several players and score a goal in the process? When our strikers are finding it hard to score goals, can he create and score a goal out of nowhere? His dribbling skills are not that great and exciting but he can work on them if he is willing to.

A creative midfielder who is a great dribbler of the ball can help our midfield a lot but will Wenger get us one? Will Arsenal go all out and get us Bernardo Silva of Monaco? How much will he cost us? Will his selling discourage us? And if it does, are we then serious about improving our team? I have always said we are not serious about winning trophies and will never stop saying it until we show some seriousness. What will it cost us to show some balls and take drastic steps to improve our lot as a team?

Sylvester kwentua

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