Arsenal didn’t want me anymore!

The Manchester City player Samir Nasri has claimed that the long delay in offering him a new Arsenal contract convinced him that he wasn’t wanted at the Emirates. Nasri, it would be recalled, left London in acrimonious fashion back in August, 2011.

The 26-year old attacking midfielder joined Arsenal in 2008 for a reported 12 million pounds. Upon joining the club, Nasri disclosed that Wenger was the main reason for his move to England.

‘The fact that Arsene Wenger gives great opportunities to young players is very important for me,’ he said at the time, ‘Arsene has a great reputation and he is one of the best managers in the world.’ Wenger had been scouting the Frenchman since he was 16 at Marseille’s youth academy.

At the end of the 2010-11 season, Nasri’s breakthrough season, he transferred to Manchester City for 24 million pounds amidst anger from the Arsenal fans. They felt betrayed and declared him public enemy number one.

In a recent interview, Nasri revealed that it was not his decision at all. ‘What happened is this” he said. It was my best season with Arsenal. We were in October (2010) and the manager asked me whether I wanted to stay at Arsenal. “Yes, I want to stay at Arsenal.” I said. ‘We wait, we wait, we wait. We arrived in June; I have one year left on my contract.’
Manchester United were also interested in the Frenchman but he claims to have rejected their offer in favour of their city rivals.

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One thought on “Arsenal didn’t want me anymore!

  1. The boy doth speak too much! Nasri speaks like a politician. Just shut up boy and play. He has a mountain of a guilt conscience and he thinks talking too much will cleanse him. He is only realizing that money is not everything. His reference to a French culture of ‘jealous’ in response to a charge of being materialistic maybe even of being a mercenary.

    He fights with Arsenal fans, he fights with the media and now he tells Mourinho off for disrespecting Wenger. What’s next? A boring biography mainly about why and how he left Arsenal. What else could it about for a young man who has not really risen head and shoulders above his peers. His trade is synonymous with that of the herd in his industry. He is not mentioned among the Ronaldo’s, Messi’s, Xavi’s or iniesta’s. Nor is he counted to the second rung of current greats which include the following: Yaya, Suarez, Ozil, Bale, Neymar

    In the big scheme of football Nasri must just relax, play as best he can and accept that some will always call him a Judas for selling out a man who picked him out from France as just another boy with potential and nurtured him into a good play. The same he claims is his father, the same ‘father’ he is protecting against the razor sharp and often thoughtless tongue of Mourinho.

    Stop whinging boy and enjoy your money. Do not fight Arsenal’s fights. Ignore the harsh truth the Gooners always amplify when they see you. Accept that you left the Gunners for money for a club that had no pedigree in winning titles but had bags full of money to buy their way to titles. All they needed were mercenaries. From Arsenal it is just coincident, I hope, that all the mercenaries the left were French speaking.

    Peace be with you son. Enjoy your football it doesn’t have a long shelf life

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