Arsenal don’t need Hazard – We’ve got Gervinho!


I am sick of reading about Eden Hazard. It has been the most over-reported story of the summer, but it looks like he has made his mind up and we can all forget about it. Chelsea, obviously, are expecting big things form the Belgian international but he has claimed that Arsenal have a better player in Gervinho, The Sun reports.

The two players were team mates for two seasons at Lille, helping the club win the French league title. Gervinho was employed as a striker/winger and scored 15 league goals that season.

Hazard told reporters that he watched videos of Messi and Ronaldo. “Great players inspire you. The best player I played with was Gervi.” Maybe Arsenal have a genius on their hands, but four goals in 34 games this season was not that impressive. Who knows, maybe he will come good this year.

Maybe Hazard will find it as difficult as Gervinho to adapt to, and impress in, the English Premier league. It would be very funny if, after all the hype, Chelsea have got another expensive flop on their hands.

13 thoughts on “Arsenal don’t need Hazard – We’ve got Gervinho!

  1. No, this kid is talented, motivated, and hasn’t suffered the injury problems Torres had. I expect him to do very well, but Chelsea’s biggest concern is having a striker who can truly replace Drogba. They would have finished 6th or below and won nothing last season had they not had Didier.
    Gervinho is a player who slowly but surely improved over his time in France, finally leading to that season when Lille won the title. This is why I’m confident he can still be a quality player for arsenal as he seemed to grow and adjust until he found a way of being very effective in a tough league. Obviously the PL is tougher, but I think he can continue in that vain and become just as effective in this league.

  2. The problem wth arsenal is that we are 2 slow in makin up our minds regarding targets,recently hazard,mata,butland,powell would already have be our players if we have acted fast enough. Please wenger sign a sub keeper,makalele like defensive midfielder and a creative,assist oriented playmaker that can score or assist 20-30 goals a season and not the box to box midfieders we have as playmakers now

    1. Exactly!! The players are out there this crap from wenger that we cant find players better than what we have is such a joke. I could name 50 players that would improve our squad that wouldnt cost more than 10 million each. He is way to loyal to average players!!

  3. Gervinho, just like Hazard and any other player coming from the French league, will take time to settle. Look back to Henry (ok he came from Italy but…), Malouda, Nasri and Koscielny. Some were hopeless in their first 6 months, others for their entire first season. To be honest I don’t remember how Vieira and Petit did in their first season but they didn’t win the league until their second season. Gervinho may have struggled to deal with the increased intensity of the EPL but just as Kos did he’ll adapt.

  4. The chance is still there for him to prove. Just hope he comes good for us this upcoming season. No doubt we all will love to see him at his best

  5. Best example of a player who improved in their second season was Ronaldo. Full of tricks without providing goals or influential passes in his first season but the best player in the league by far in his second season. Based on that one example alone i’d say that any player proven in another league deserves a second season to prove themselves.

  6. lets watch nd see the real player in gervi… I so much believe he will do so so well cos its just matter of time. Expect the bomb from player like oxlade cham… Gervi… Song… Only a whole of a season will judge this

  7. For your information guys, Gervinho suits arsenal perfectly, he is a good dribbler and if we had a smart attacking midfielder to link with him we would have produced more goals this season, the problem is Arsenal bandy the ball about far too often and they waste half chances that a creative Ramsey or Rosicky should take.
    For example the goal by Santos against WBA, we need more shots like that from the midfielders if we are going to really stand a chance of making it as a top team, because you cannot expect a defense to simply open every time you waltz over with the ball, Gervinho may not have a good shot, but other players should expect him to wiggle through some defenders and make a pass that would culminate in a goal attempt.

  8. I fully agree, Hazard is good in ligue 1 but has yet to prove at international and was awful in the chanpions league. Gervinho played well when we got him this season, and tired towards the end, like most players who have a first season, hazard relied a lot on gervinho at lille. Chelsea cant develop players very well anymore and they dont even have a manager, I cant see hazard being as good as he looks in france. Wenger would be able to use him well but its impossible to call when you dont even know who the manager is there.

  9. HaHaHa what a joke of an article! gervinho is nowhere near hazards standard plain and simple. hazard will be on shortlist for player of the year next season no doubt. Wenger made a terrible decision to spend ten million on gervinho he is clumsy and has zero vision, the fact he bought podolski confirms that as he will be playing him wide left and gervinho will be benched. This african cup of nations hangover is crap papiss cisse was at the african cup of nations and had an awesome season. Stop supporting wengers stingy policy or we will get nowhere he should be in for eriksen or gotze or belhanda or martinez only then can we consider ourselves a force in europe again!!

  10. Yes but we have had a year of gervinho… and i gotta say, i am not convinced one bit.

    There are good points, sure… but he is not the standard we needed, he fits into the squad, but that is because our squad is full of players not the standard we needed.

    If i could go back and choose another player to buy… i would, and i don;t mean a hazard.. i mean for the same sort of money, i would let someone else come in and try. Not overly impressed with him, despite him being better than most already at the club.

  11. How can anyone judge a player based in a first season in top, top flight of EPL? Some said it before a good example is Ronaldo. I remember the charity shield arsenal v utd his first game was full of step overs and acting like a ballerina, but did nothing special and we won the game. Fast forward a season and he was brilliant and that is for Ronaldo one of the best in the world, so give Gervi another season for Christ sake!
    All these knob heads who say hazard is better, how do u no this? Gervi was great in ligue 1, but needs time, hazard is only 19 and not even a man yet, he will need to bulk up big time and find his feet, with no manager yet!
    Take a break and trust in Wenger, he does know more than us all combined!

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